Dark Mode Is Rolling Out To Google Maps, Again

Google Maps AH NS 12

The dark mode is rolling out to the Google Maps app, again. Google has been teasing the dark mode for Google Maps for a year now. Back in September, a very limited number of users got the update, but soon lost it.

Google Maps getting dark mode… again

That was a server-side update, and we were wondering when will Google start rolling it out again. Well, it seems like that has just happened. A few users noticed the update on the version 10.56.1 of the app.

Do note that you probably have that version installed, but that doesn’t mean you have access to the dark mode. The same as last time, Google is pushing this feature via a server-side update. So, it isn’t exactly dependent on you downloading the latest update, at least not directly.


I’ve opened Google Maps on three devices, running the same version of the app, but neither of them have a dark mode. They’re all connected to different accounts as well. So, Google is either limiting the feature to a small number of users, or is taking its sweet time with the rollout.

Android Police did get some screenshots from its readers who have dark mode already. You can check out what Google Maps will look like in the gallery below this paragraph.

As you can see, Google did not opt for a pitch black dark mode. That was to be expected, as the company’s other apps also combine gray tones, instead of relying on the pitch black option.

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It took Google a long time to deliver this feature

We don’t know why it took Google so long to deliver dark mode to Google Maps. Truth be said, it’s a bit more complex app due to the max and everything. Everything needs to be visible, and there are far more details to iron out here than in other apps.

Other apps from the company had the dark mode option for a long time now, though, so Google Maps are a bit late to the party. We don’t even know if this is a proper rollout or not. In any case, if you’re lucky, and you got dark mode already, shoot us a message and share your experience thus far.