CD Projekt S.A. Now Faces A Lawsuit Over Cyberpunk 2077 Launch

Stadia Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077 hasn't had the smoothest launch for a video game, but things are about to get a little bit less smooth due to a new lawsuit being filed against CD Projekt S.A. over the game's launch.

The lawsuit is being filed by Rosen Law Firm, as made by public by the firm itself in a press release this morning, alleging that investors were mislead about how Cyberpunk 2077 performed on current-gen consoles. Specifically the original PS4 and Xbox One models. CD Projekt S.A. was already facing backlash from fans who purchased the game for those consoles, which released more than 6 years ago.

The lawsuit says that Cyberpunk 2077 was "virtually unplayable" on PS4 & Xbox One

Rosen Law Firm is being fairly straightforward about its reasons for the lawsuit. Stating that the game was "virtually unplayable" on the original models of the current-gen consoles.


Many players of the game will have no trouble understanding what Rosen is referring to. As many of them had first-hand experience with the numerous amount of bugs. Ranging from missing textures to broken quests that stopped game progression. CD Projekt S.A. has already begun work on fixing these bugs and has already pushed out a couple of patches.

But none of that was before Sony pulled Cyberpunk 2077's digital copy from the PlayStation Store and began offering refunds to buyers. Leaving any would be owners of the game on PlayStation to seek out a physical copy to play for now.

Microsoft also began offering refunds for players on Xbox One. Though the game is still available for purchase digitally.

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Rosen seeks damages for investors

The law firm is seeking damages from CD Projekt S.A. for the investors. Stating that they suffered damages as a result of the misleading state of the game. But even with the game's issues it has been quite successful for the Polish game studio.

Cyberpunk 2077 has already reportedly sold around 13 million copies worldwide since the release. And it overtook World of Warcraft Shadowlands as the fast-selling PC game of all time for global launch sales.

As of right now the class action lawsuit has already been filed by Rosen Law Firm. But it currently has no lead plaintiff. Rosen mentions in the lawsuit filing that any investors wishing to join the lawsuit can do so by filling out a form.


Worth noting though is that any investors wishing to take Rosen up on its offer must do so by February 22 of 2021.