Android 11 Begins Rolling Out For The ZenFone 6

asus zenfone 6

If you have an ASUS ZenFone 6 you are in for a treat. According to ASUS ZenTalk, Android 11 for the ZenFone 6 has begun rolling out. This is great news. As many OEMs take a long time to bring the newest version of Android to their devices which leads to the fragmentation curse.

Back in September ASUS was among the first brands to begin pushing Android 11. It was just the Android 11 beta, but the beta followed closely to the official release of Android 11 for the Google Pixel family. Despite this head start, ASUS is just now getting around to the final build.

However, as the old saying goes it’s better late than never. After finally patching up everything the rollout has begun. Android 11 for ZenFone 6 update will start in Taiwan which is the home market for ASUS.


Along with the update to Android 11 and all of the new features that come with it, the ZenUI will get a fresh look. ZenUI is Asus’s custom skin for their Android devices.

Despite this good news for ZenFone 6 owners, ZenFone 7 owners will have to remain patient for now. As the update rolls out to eligible devices in Taiwan, owners of the ZenFone 6 in other markets shouldn’t have to wait too long.

Now, ZenFone 7 owners shouldn’t have to wait too long for the update to Android 11. Due to the ZenFone 7 getting its Android 11 beta releasing some weeks after the ZenFone 6 beta the delay is expected.


Android 11 for ZenFone 6 comes with a lot of new features

Android 11 was released on September 8 2020 and comes with many new features. These features include the inclusion of an Exposure Notification API. There is also the inclusion of bubbles for conversations, native screen recording, changes to permissions for even more privacy, and revamped media controls.

These are some of the main new features. Some of the smaller updates are a revamped screenshot interface, revamped overview menu, tweaked back gesture, a small change to Airplane mode.

These are end user-focused features. There are also numerous developer-focused features. The release of Android 11 was quickly adopted by Oppo, Xiaomi, and others. Most of these were via betas.


However, this is still welcomed compared to waiting months to experience a new update. As mentioned ZenFone 6 users in Taiwan should be seeing the option to update soon. As for ZenFone 7 users’ patience will be key as Asus hammers out any final bugs. Then they will be able to experience the Android 11 goodness.