Amazon Music Unlimited Subscribers Can Now Stream Music Videos

Amazon Music AH NS 03

Lately, Amazon has been pouring in some resources to its Amazon Music app. According to the latest report by Android Police, Amazon Music Unlimited subscribers can now stream music videos in the app.

There is no shortage of music streaming apps in the market today. Some big players like Spotify, Apple Music, etc. have cemented their place as some of the best music streaming options.

Amazon also wants to join the big leagues and become a viable alternative. With the addition of music videos in the app, Amazon Music now gears itself up to take on YouTube Music.


However, the option of streaming music videos on the Amazon Music app is restricted to unlimited subscribers and not for the listeners on the ad-sponsored free tier.

Note that streaming music videos on the YouTube Music app is available for free users as well. But this option is only available for the unlimited subscribers on the Amazon Music app. Good thing is that the selection is on par with other services.

Amazon Music app will show music videos in the search results or on artist pages

Users will now see music videos in their own section in search results and on artist pages. Moreover, there will be music video playlists to watch through.


There is not much clarity provided by Amazon in terms of this new feature that it has added with the latest update. Apparently, it seems like there is no toggle to switch between video to audio or vice versa like YouTube Music.

Since there is no info on how music video will work, we are not sure of how big the music video catalog is at the moment. But we are sure that as time passes by, more content will be added to the app.

As far as the membership cost is concerned, Amazon Music Unlimited costs $7.99 monthly for Prime members and the standard $9.99/month for non-Prime subscribers.


Non-Prime subscribers are limited to stream music in standard quality while the prime members can stream music in HD quality. The feature is currently limited to users in the US.

The introduction of music videos in the Amazon Music app is meant to increase engagement and app usage time. US users can make use of this new feature with free three months of trial for new subscribers.

On top of music videos, Amazon Music Unlimited subscription also gives you access to a catalog of 70 million songs and offline listening.


If you wish to try out the latest feature then, you can head over to the Play Store and grab the latest Amazon Music update.