AH Reader's Choice Awards 2020: Best Tablet – Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+

010 GalaxyTabS7plus lifestyle image from Samsung AH Award 2020

Readers have made their choice and Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ is the only Android tablet for 2020!

The Android tablet category has never been the widest or most intriguing but Samsung has been trying to change that. Especially when it comes to its Samsung Galaxy Tab S-series.

2020 saw the extension of that series to include both the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 and Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+, the winner of the 2020 Android Headlines‘ Reader’s Choice Award for the tablet category.

Now, this was an easy decision for readers to make. After all, the tablet won the vote, from our poll on Twitter, with 86.4% of the vote.  Its closest rival was the Surface Go 2, with just 9.1% of the vote.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ is the successor to last year’s Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 and it shows. Everything about this tablet has been refined and improved. From design to performance and accessories. And it speaks volumes for the potential future of Android tablets overall. At least as far as Samsung is concerned.


Here’s why Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ is your choice for the best tablet for 2020

With a price tag starting for as little as $349.99 with an eligible trade-in, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ is presently priced like its competitors. Users can also pay as little as $749.99 with ongoing discounts or as much as $879.99 price for an unlocked Wi-Fi-only model. And there are more expensive models still for those who want mobile connectivity. But you’re getting a whole lot more for the money here.

The 12.4-inch 120Hz refresh rate sAMOLED display panel tucks neatly into razor-thin bezels just for starters. That’s also a WQXGA+2800 x 1752 panel, certified to work with HDR10+ content. So it’s the best screen you’re going to find for any Android tablet. Conversely, the just-over 5.5mm-thin frame it’s been tucked into houses a quad-speaker arrangement, tuned by AKG.

Despite its slender metal build, weighing just 1.3lbs, Samsung designed this tablet with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 865+ octa-core gaming chip. And it backed that up with up to 8GB RAM — 6GB in the base model — and up to 512GB storage. It also packed in a 10,090mAh capacity battery for true multi-day usability.

All models support Wi-Fi 6 protocol and Bluetooth v5.0 for more localized connections. So next-gen networking is definitely at the forefront. Especially with consideration for both mmWave and Sub-6 connections via 5G in the mobile-ready variants. And the latter variant is available in a timeless Mystic Black. While others can also be had in stunning Mystic Silver or Mystic Bronze.


Of course, we would be remiss not to mention the newly designed, full pen-sized S Pen. That’s a pressure-sensitive stylus that comes attached via magnets to the edge of the frame. As an active stylus, it’s perfect for handwriting, art, or productivity. Or just about any touch interactions. And a full-size keyboard cover is also available for those who need to type on the go.

This is, summarily, the tablet to beat. It’s not only going to provide a viewing experience akin to a top-tier smartphone. And the hardware underneath to ensure a buttery smooth experience for any user and any purpose.

Samsung has led in tablets for years while everybody else has played catch-up

Samsung has been the leader in Android tablets for years at this point. And while that may not always be the case, it hasn’t been leading by anything approaching a small margin either.

The company continues to impress with well thought out tablet hardware, Android software enhancements that are innovative and easy to use, and accessories that cater to both fun and productivity. All packaged neatly into something that exudes functionality, without sacrificing screen real estate or design. With a brilliant pen-shaped stylus to match.


So it should come as a surprise to precisely nobody that Samsung won the AH Reader’s Choice Award for 2020 with this tablet. The device also earned our own internally-decided award for the category too. Samsung leads on Android tablets where other companies continue to cater to budget and mid-range categories. And it has more than earned this award as a result.