AH Reader's Choice Awards 2020: Best Smartwatch – Galaxy Watch 3

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 AH Readers Choice Award

The Galaxy Watch 3 is what peak smartwatch looks like

There are many different smartwatches out there every year, but none in 2020 are as popular or top notch as the Galaxy Watch 3 according to our reader’s choice award.

Samsung knows how to make a good smartwatch. And it should with how long it’s been making them now. The Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 is the winner of the Android Headlines Reader’s Choice Award for best smartwatch, and it’s not hard to see why. It was the winner of our poll on Twitter by a landslide. And there are a few other really good options that it went up against.

But, it seems it doesn’t matter how good the other watches are, because none of them apparently hold a candle to the Galaxy Watch 3.


What it comes down to is likely a combination of feature-rich functionality and unparalleled design. Though it certainly doesn’t hurt that Samsung’s brand name is behind the watch either. It does have the most recognition out of all the brands in the poll. Which no doubt helped propel its latest smartwatch features into the spotlight with relative ease.

Dial in on the best features of the watch

What makes the Galaxy Watch 3 so good? Lots of things really, but it’s not necessarily any one thing. Most of the features are things that you can find on at least one or two other smartwatches.

What you won’t find on any other smartwatches, at least not any that people know about, is the rotating bezel. This makes navigation of the watch extremely easy and minimizes the amount you have to touch the screen. Which helps keep smudges on the screen at a low point.


On top of the rotating dial, the Galaxy Watch 3 once again brings a timeless looking design. And its popularity just goes to show that the design of a device like this should never be overlooked. Because it matters. Beyond the design and the rotating bezel, Samsung really tried to hone in on the most useful features of the watch while focusing on it being a useful health and wellness tool.

Let the Galaxy Watch 3 be your personal wellness coach

Samsung’s big push for the Galaxy watch 3 is that it offers you smartphone-level productivity while also giving you access to sophisticated health technology. Things like fall detection, the blood oxygen saturation sensor, and the ECG capability are front and center on the health front. Though it certainly allows for more health-related functionality then just those things.

It also helps track your sleep and can connect to a wide array of different workouts to keep you in top-top shape. Or getting you there. Then there’s things like Spotify integration, smart reply for messages, and much more that help push this watch to top of the pack.