AH Reader's Choice Awards 2020: Best Game – Call Of Duty: Mobile

AH readers Choice Awards Call Of Duty Mobile

The fans have spoken. Call Of Duty: Mobile is this year’s top mobile game

2020 has seen some really great games made available to the masses, mobile games included, and Call Of Duty: Mobile is the best of the best according to our reader’s choice award poll on Twitter. Call Of Duty: Mobile has had a smashing year of success. With season after season of engaging content to pull in players, new and old alike. All the while finding ways to keep things fresh and fun.

While there are other really good games out there this year, Call Of Duty: Mobile is consistently offering players a high level of quality content. Making it an easy choice for the reader’s to pick this as the top game of the year.

Whether you fancy regular multiplayer content like Team Deathmatch or you’re more of a fan of the battle royale modes, Call Of Duty: Mobile has something to offer. But it’s the game’s continually tuned gunplay and new gear that help to keep players chasing the next big thing. Which in Call Of Duty: Mobile’s case, tends to be at least level 50 on the battle pass to acquire whatever the reward is that season.


Setting the bar for shooter games on mobile devices

There are a lot of shooter games on mobile. But, Call Of Duty: Mobile sets the bar. From graphics to controls to content, it brings hours of enjoyment to players.

Just recently the game entered its 13th season. Called Winter War, and it’s packed full of not just new content and a new battle pass to climb, but a festive theme that helps people celebrate the holidays in the most Call Of Duty way possible. By killing your enemies on snow covered maps with your favorite loadouts.

While seasonal events are all well and good, Call Of Duty: Mobile’s best asset is that it’s free-to-play. This opens it up to millions of players who may never have touched it.


Activision proves that its behemoth franchise is popular on any platform

You may not know it, but Call Of Duty: Mobile isn’t the first official Call Of Duty game to hit mobile devices. It is however the only really successful one.

And not just by a small margin, but by a massive canyon-sized gap. And in creating such a popular mobile game title, Activision has proved that the behemoth franchise that is Call Of Duty, is popular on any platform.

That being said, a big part of that success is the timing of the game’s release. If this had come out years ago the reaction to it could have been very different. And almost certainly would have been. But today’s advanced mobile technology and the right development studio have propelled the game into the stratosphere. And there’s no looking back.


And the reader’s obviously feel this way too, as Call Of Duty: Mobile didn’t have any trouble winning the Android Headlines Reader’s Choice award for best game.