AH Reader's Choice Awards 2020: Best Foldable Smartphone – Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2

readers choice galaxy z fold 2 AH

The Galaxy Z Fold 2 was a reader favorite this year, and it’s not hard to see why.

Arguably the leader in foldable smartphones, Samsung released the Galaxy Z Fold 2 this year and it was a resounding success. Just about everyone that has touched the phone has loved it.

For that reason, it came as no surprise that the Galaxy Z Fold 2 won the AH Reader’s Choice Award for the Best Foldable Smartphone this year. It skated to victory with nearly 83% of the vote. Beating out the likes of the Microsoft Surface Duo, Motorola Razr 5G and even its little brother the Galaxy Z Flip 5G.

The Galaxy Z Fold 2 felt like a phone and not a concept

With the original Galaxy Fold, it felt more like a concept phone. But with the Galaxy Z Fold 2, it was more like a finished smartphone. With the improved hinge, better screens on the inside and out. As well as getting rid of the huge notch.


Samsung made a lot of changes with the Galaxy Z Fold 2, as expected since it was the second-generation foldable from Samsung. And it learned quite a bit after the first Galaxy Fold was released last year. Not only on the hardware front, but also in software. Allowing the software to take better advantage of that second display, that isn’t your typical smartphone display aspect ratio.

The Galaxy Z Fold 2 is seen as a phone that is for business people. Being able to check things out on the smaller screen and then opening it up to the larger tablet-sized screen to actually get some work done. Like editing a spreadsheet, or working on a Word document. Among many other use-cases. And that’s going to be the future of foldable smartphones. Once we are all able to travel again, I have a feeling that a lot of people are going to be using a phone like the Galaxy Z Fold 2.

Samsung made a complete 360 from the original Galaxy Fold

The first Galaxy Fold had a lot of issues, which resulted in the launch being delayed nearly six months. Even when it launched last fall, it still had some issues. Like the hinge sounding creaky and just not strong at all. The screen also couldn’t take a lot of pressure. And those bezels were pretty thick.


Samsung addressed all of that and more in the Galaxy Z Fold 2. Which is why it is such an amazing device. We gave it an Editor’s Choice award when we reviewed it back in September, and it was definitely earned. It was one of our favorite phones of the year. Not only for being different from the usual metal slab, but for being a big improvement over the previous generation.

And it appears that our readers agreed. Which earned the Galaxy Z Fold 2 the AH Reader’s Choice Award for the Best Foldable smartphone in 2020.

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