AH Reader's Choice Awards 2020: Best App – Zoom

AH Readers Choice 2020 Zoom

Helping to keep the world connected when it was needed most

Few apps have had as much of an impact on the outcome of this year as Zoom, which is why it won the Android Headlines Reader’s Choice award for best app of 2020. This year has been a challenging year for everyone, throwing just about everything into disarray and forcing people to change the way they do things. Weekly hangouts with friends or family had to be put on hold. Day outings and visits to favorite restaurants were also postponed. And Conventions and work meetings had to be done through video calls.

Which is where where Zoom came in. The usefulness of Zoom during this difficult year made it the clear winner for the reader’s choice award according to our readers, picking up 50% of the votes in our Twitter poll.

Whatever your video call needs, Zoom can handle it

Zoom seems to be the video conferencing tool that can do it all. While it does have competitors in the space now with Google and Microsoft, as well as a few others, it’s still the clear favorite.


It supports a large number of callers at one time which makes it great for bigger work meetings. And it can be used for everything from meetings and chat, to video webinars and conference rooms. It even has a marketplace. Which is where you can grab bots and other integrations to make the Zoom experience more useful. Use these tools to personalize your Zoom experience. Because everyone’s needs for it are slightly different.

Not only will it support up to 1,000 participants, it can also support up to 10,000 viewers. So it’s safe to say that Zoom has the capability to handle the numbers. Even if you need to start small, Zoom can be scaled to meet your needs as your team grows. Or as you simply need to allow for more participants or more viewers.

Versatility so anyone can use it from anywhere

While many of Zoom’s features are nice, its greatest strength, really, is how versatile it is. Zoom can be used from just about anywhere and on just about any device. Whether it’s on a smartphone, a laptop, a desktop, or a tablet. You name the device, there’s probably a Zoom app for it.


And because the Zoom app is available on every major platform, as long as you have internet you should be able to connect and jump into calls when required.

Zoom also makes moving between chat, calls, and meetings as simple as possible. You only have to click one button to do it. It doesn’t get any easier than that.