AH Awards: Best Smartwatch – Samsung Galaxy Watch 3

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 AH Awards Best Smartwatch

Samsung leaves Android smartwatch competitors in the dust, with the Galaxy Watch 3.

2020 is a year like any other year for the smartwatch market, but unlike other years Samsung released the Galaxy Watch 3. What some would consider the definitive smartwatch. Like the Galaxy Watch before it, the Galaxy Watch 3 is a smartwatch that comes with a rotating bezel, as Samsung saw fit to bring it back. Alongside that, Samsung honed in on useful tools to help improve wellness, and removed any unnecessary features that made some past Samsung smartwatches feel a bit too crowded in the feature department.

The Galaxy Watch 3 won our award for best smartwatch, because it simply is the best smartwatch out there. Especially if you use an Android device, and even more so if you use a Galaxy device. Though we had really high praises to sing about the Galaxy Watch Active 2 from last year, the Galaxy Watch 3 improves upon what made that watch so good.

Samsung designed it to be a boon for those looking to boost productivity and personal health and wellness. But even if you aren’t looking to boost productivity, it’s still just a really well-made smartwatch. The software is better than Wear OS. It has better performance, and it’s incredibly stylish.


Setting the bar for other smartwatch makers

Never content to be second best, Samsung set out to make a smartwatch that it could be proud of and that people would want to snatch up like hot cakes. We’d say that Samsung succeeded with the Galaxy Watch 3. It sets the bar for other smartwatch makers. And will hopefully drive Google to improve Wear OS to the point where its performance and battery life are as good as they are on Samsung’s offerings.

With the Galaxy Watch 3, Samsung took what it learned from years of making smartwatches and crafted what is to date, the best watch it’s ever made.

It’s also Samsung’s most advanced smartwatch. Bringing in new features that it has never integrated before. Like the ECG app. It also incorporated fall detection, blood oxygen saturation monitoring, stress monitoring and more. And of course it still has many of the most useful features from older Galaxy watches. Multi-sport activity tracking, sleep tracking, Spotify controls, and a phone finder. They’re all there.


On top of all that the watch feels and looks well-constructed. All-in-all, the Galaxy Watch 3 is what it looks like when you have a quality, feature-rich device. That doesn’t mean the Galaxy Watch 3 is perfect. There are always improvements that could be made. But when compared to the competition, Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 3 is a clear front runner.