AH Awards: Best Game – Genshin Impact

AH Award Best Game Genshin Impact

You can never go wrong with a good RPG game, and Genshin Impact is exactly that.

Android is a wide world of opportunities when it comes to games, which means tons of options, but a game that’s stuck out this past year is Genshin Impact. Many have likened it to The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild.

And that’s a fair comparison. As an RPG game, there are many similarities between Genshin Impact and Breath Of The Wild. A big difference though is that Genshin Impact is available on multiple platforms. Breath Of The Wild is not. When it comes to games on Android, Genshin Impact is far and away the best game to come out this past year. Which is why it easily won our award for best game of 2020.

If you like RPGs, whether you’re new to them or not, Genshin Impact has A LOT of stuff for you to enjoy. It has a pretty sizeable chunk of campaign content to roll through. It has replayable content. And it’s got a surplus of different playable characters to keep things fresh.


Genshin Impact is a game that everyone should experience

Everyone’s tastes are different, and we get that. However, we still feel that Genshin Impact is a game that everyone should experience. Just to see what it’s like. After months and months of hyping up its release, miHoYo finally made the game available to players across mobile, PlayStation 4, and PC. Leading to many rave reviews from a number of unlikely fans.

If you want entertaining dialogue with a good story, Genshin Impact has it. If you want some really fun combat with a wide selection of different characters and unique attacks, Genshin Impact has it. miHoYo is even continuing to add more characters to the game as time goes on. Promising to add even more content to chew through even for endgame players.

The game has crafting, dungeons, and a massive, massive world to explore. Not to mention a whole host of achievements to complete if you like to chase that kind of thing.


Really though, some of the best things about the game are that it’s free, and cross-platform. It also supports cross-progression between mobile and PC. Which means you can play on the big screen at home if you have a PC to use. Then you can swap to mobile if you want to continue playing while you’re on the go.

From stellar graphics to some really cool-looking ability effects, Genshin Impact is a game that commands attention. And the fact that it was able to deliver all of the good content that it contains, while being free, is a worthy accomplishment in and of itself.

If you need a game to play over Christmas break, give Genshin Impact a try. You won’t regret it.