AH Awards: Best Foldable Smartphone – Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2

galaxy z fold 2 ah awards

Samsung showed that the Galaxy Z Fold 2 is years ahead of all competition in the foldable race.

Foldables really just started launching, where consumers can actually buy them, last year. And they improved quite a bit in 2020. But the Galaxy Z Fold 2 improved the most and was by far the best foldable device of this year. Which is why it earned our award for the best foldable smartphone of 2020.

While this is technically the third Galaxy Fold from Samsung, the Galaxy Z Fold 2 improved in a lot of areas over the Galaxy Fold from last year. It got an entirely new hinge, which felt and looked a lot more premium and stronger. It also brought along a larger cover display, that was actually usable. As well as getting rid of the huge camera bump on the main display.

There are other improvements that Samsung made with the Galaxy Z Fold 2, to make this foldable a really great option for a lot of people. Though, surprisingly, the price did not drop. The Galaxy Z Fold 2 is still a $2,000 smartphone, and honestly, that wasn’t surprising. Given all of the changes made to the Galaxy Z Fold 2. And adding 5G to the Galaxy Z Fold 2.


A glimpse into the future

Right now, foldables still feel like they aren’t a finished product, and have a ways to go. But the Galaxy Z Fold 2 gave us a glimpse into the future. The future that is going to allow us to have a phone in our pocket that can unfold into a tablet. Which is going to be really awesome for those that travel a lot. The ability of having that much larger screen size in a pocket that once held just a phone.

Sure, we’ve seen a lot of different types of foldable devices in 2020, but the Galaxy Z Fold 2 seems to be the most practical for a business person. Someone looking to get some work done, without pulling out a laptop to do so.

The Galaxy Z Fold 2 is not a perfect smartphone, but as with all new technology, it is going to take some iterations to improve it and make it good. Samsung really only took one iteration to make it good, and the Galaxy Z Fold 3 will likely be great. Since there is no such thing as the perfect smartphone, the Galaxy Z Fold line will never have a perfect smartphone.


As we said last year when we awarded the Galaxy Fold the Most Innovative Product of the year, the Galaxy Z Fold 2 is a really cool smartphone to pick up. Even at its regular price. Samsung improved on the Galaxy Fold in a lot of areas, making it the Best Foldable Smartphone of 2020.

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