Add Some Funk To Your Audio With New Steven Harrington OnePlus Buds Z

02 OnePlus Buds Z Steven Harrington redesign from OnePlus Pressers

OnePlus has reportedly teamed up with LA artist and designer Steven Harrington, delivering a fun new twist to its Buds Z. In fact, the newly recolored OnePlus Buds Z are shipping starting today.

These OnePlus Buds Z are like all others with a distinguishing new style

Of course, the new earbuds in question aren't getting any updates beyond the styling. So they're still the IP55-rated, Bluetooth 5.0-enabled, bass-boosted design as the original. And they've still got fast charging allowing for 3-hours of listening from a 10-minute charge. As well as up to 20-hours of listening with the included USB-C charged charging case.

10mm dynamic drivers are still part of the package on the audio front, with a 97 dB driver sensitivity at 1KHz.


But here, the multi-mic-enabled, slim-designed case and the wearables themselves are no longer just white. The original is sold in a stark coloration with the only accent being a silvery tint to the touchpad.

Now they come in dual-tone mint green and light purple hues. At least on the earbud. Each earbud is a different combination of colors, with the right bud featuring a purple coloration and the left featuring green. The opposing color is used for accents on the touchpad and on the charging ring at the bottom of the bud. Steven Harrington's doodle-style artwork is featured prominently on both buds in an inky black. Characters such as ”Cool Cat” and "Mello" are among the more prominent.

The case, conversely, utilizes a similar design with a purple base, mint green lid, and white interior.

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This design may not be for everybody but it's unique and doesn't cost a lot more

In terms of pricing, OnePlus has the cost of its Steven Harrington crossover Buds Z set at just $10 more. As compared to the standard pricing. That means that they cost $59.99 instead of the usual $49.99. And that it isn't going to cost a lot for fans of Steven Harrington's work — or those just looking for something different. The pricing is identical to that for its standard OnePlus Buds, in fact.

Steven Harrington x OnePlus Buds Z