Zoom Plans To Scrap 40-Minute Meeting Limit For Thanksgiving

zoom time limit thanksgiving

Earlier this week, Zoom has announced that it will be lifting the 40-minute meeting time limit for Thanksgiving celebrations. In times of COVID-19, where the actual meeting is still not that normal, this is a huge relief.

Coronavirus pandemic has really created an atmosphere where getting out carefree is no longer normal. You have to take necessary precautions, i.e. masks, sanitizers, etc. to keep away from the virus.

In fact, the traveling and tourism industry were the ones that suffered the most due to this pandemic. While things are slowly getting back to normal, it is still not advised to travel for no reason.


And such situations have given rise to video calling and conferencing apps. Zoom is probably the first name that pops up when we talk about video calling.

Big organizations, employees working from home, students, etc. all are making use of the Zoom app. Moreover, people stuck in their homes are getting in touch with their family members via Zoom as well.

And for this Thanksgiving celebration, Zoom is lifting the 40-minute time limit for Zoom basic-plan users. This is a welcome feature for all those using the Zoom app on the basic plan.

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The 40-minute time limit is the key restrictions for Zoom basic-plan users

For the unaware, the Zoom basic plan has a 40-minute time limitation. Users were forced to restart a group or one-on-one chat, once the time limit is over.

This would often create friction, and it would get frustrating for the users who were discussing something important. Other competitors of Zoom, like Google Meet, have a 60-min limit, while Cisco Webex has a 50-min time limit.

Apparently, if you wish to do away with these restrictions in video calling, then you would have to subscribe to enterprise-grade plans or premium plans.


Fortunately, this thanksgiving Zoom is scrapping its 40-min time limit for basic plan users. Well, you can take this as a token of thank you because Zoom emerged as the face of video calling during this pandemic.

Thanksgiving involves the mixing of several people, interactions between them, and hanging out. And it is appreciable that Zoom has done something special by lifting the 40-min restriction, even though it is for a single day.

Note that this is just temporary removal of the 40-min restriction. This would last from midnight on Thanksgiving Day (November 26th) to 6 AM ET on November 27th.


Such moves could give Zoom, the extra mileage that it would need in certain areas where its competition has gained an edge. Besides, considering the current scenario, it makes sense for using such technologies to meet and greet our loved ones instead of gathering in actuality.