YouTube Begins Testing AI-Generated Automatic Video Chapters

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Good news for video content creators on YouTube, as the video-streaming platform is now testing out the machine learning-powered automatic video chapters.

This is a method of breaking down your videos into different easy-to-jump segments. Although, Chapters feature on YouTube was already there, it required manual inclusion within a video description.

However, that is going to change soon, as YouTube has now begun the testing of auto-generated video chapters for selected videos.


This would allow the video creators to automatically break down their videos into separate chapters, allowing viewers to skip to the part they want to watch.

Video chapters feature on YouTube began rolling out earlier this year for Android. Sadly, there were few users of this feature. The reason being it needed manual input.

Now, the AI-powered automatic video chapters will make it easier for creators as it negates the need for manually editing and creating chapters.

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This piece of information was shared by Google on its support page. Notably, Google started testing out this automatic video chapters feature from November 23.

Moreover, in the official post, Google says it will make use of machine learning to recognize text in order to auto-generate video chapters.

YouTube automatic video chapters will be tested out with a small group of videos

During this experimental period, YouTube will test out this automatic video chapters feature with a small group of videos. Machine learning will help analyze what is happening in the video.


Especially recognizing any text is shown in the video. Based on that, YouTube will auto-generate chapter names and create chapters. All this will be done with no direct input from the video creator. It could really be a godsend for many creators on YouTube.

With that said, there could be some issues with these AI-powered chapters. It may create the wrong chapter name, or creator a wrong chapter altogether.

But we believe this feature would take a cue from the existing auto "points of interest" chapters. Apparently, this feature is shown in some YouTube videos within Google Search.


Besides, users will know if a video includes auto-generated chapters if no timestamps are provided in the video description. Thankfully, this feature will not be forced on anyone.

Content creators can opt-out of this feature if they did not like the result. Since this feature will be tested out on a few videos, the negative impact would also be less, if any.

YouTube will expand this feature for more videos if the testing is ultimately a success. We hope everything turns out well, as it would save the valuable time of the content creators.