YouTube Music 'Year In Review' Playlist Shows Your Most Listened Songs

YouTube Music Playlists DG AH 2020

The latest report by Android Central confirms that YouTube Music users are now getting the “Year in Review” Playlist. This playlist will let users listen to the top songs they have listened throughout the year.

YouTube Music Year in Review playlist is just like Spotify Wrapped, which shows your most-played songs of the year. Ever since Google decided to scrap Play Music, it has highlighted YouTube Music as its alternative.

A lot of new features and enhancements have been brought over to YouTube Music to make it on par with Google Play Music.


In fact, there are several features that are like Spotify or Play Music itself. Another one of Spotify’s features is now making its way to the YouTube Music app.  However, there is one difference between both.

Unlike Spotify Wrapped, YouTube Music Year in Review playlist will not show you the number of minutes you spent listening to music this year. For audiophiles, it could be a bummer.

YouTube Music Year in Review playlists is already rolling out to users

On one hand, where Spotify Wrapped is still being cooked for serving, YouTube Music Year in Review playlists feature is already rolling out to users right now.


Notably, there seems to be a limitation with the Year in Review playlist, as it cuts the playlist at a certain threshold. Notably, folks over at Android Central could only get 86 songs in the playlist, rather than 100.

This feature does not keep the playlist limited to proper album-based songs from the catalog portion YouTube Music, but also includes YouTube videos that you have watched throughout the year.

Sadly, uploaded songs will not show up in the Year in Review playlist feature. Apparently, this new feature sits on the front and center in the home tab of the YouTube Music application.


Users can download their entire playlist for offline listening as well. Which is a nice touch for emergency situations like network outages or dead zones.

There are a couple of features, the YTM Year in Review playlist lacks as compared to Spotify Wrapped. Basically, you cannot edit the order of the songs in the playlist, nor you can remove any songs from it.

So, it would be difficult for you to remove any songs, that you did not listen to and someone else did, a billion times. Even though you dislike the song, it will sit in the Year in Review playlist.


It seems like YouTube Music Year in Review playlist feature will get some more features over the coming weeks till the end of the year. If that happens that it would have a certain edge over Spotify which covers songs played between January 1 to November 5.