YouTube Music Gets 'Quick Picks' Section For Playing Radio Playlists

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YouTube Music became Google’s de facto music streaming service after Google Play Music was discontinued last month. Google has added several new features to its new service over the previous few months. The latest addition to YouTube Music is the ‘Quick Picks’ section.

The Quick Picks carousel can be found on the home screen of the Android and iOS apps as well as on the web. The carousel displays a total of 20 songs with 4 songs on each page. When the user taps on a particular song, it actually plays an auto-generated radio playlist, starting with the displayed song followed by similar ones.

Quick Picks on YouTube Music plays auto-generated radio playlists

Though these aren’t just the recently played songs, they might have been streamed a few times in the past. While the ‘Start Radio’ feature also plays auto-generated playlists, the recommended songs from Quick Picks might better match user’s preferences. Unlike on the mobile app, the web version shows more songs at a glance.


As of now, the Quick Picks section can be found at the bottom of the screen. However, the company might move it up once more people started using it. According to some users on Reddit, this feature first appeared a couple of months ago but only for a very few users. Now, the Quick Picks section will start appearing for more users with the wider rollout.

The recent update introduced the My Supermix playlist

Recently, YouTube Music also added an activity bar for quickly accessing featured activities like Workout, Focus, Relax, and Commute. Google also added personalized ‘My Mix’ playlists on the home screen for listening to songs based on different moods and genres.

Last week’s update also introduced the My Supermix playlist, previously known as Your Mix. YouTube Music has to get even more refined in order to compete with the likes of Spotify and Apple Music. While users can no longer access Google Play Music, YouTube Music should be getting more features before the holiday season begins.

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The company now redirects its Google Play Music users to YouTube Music. The GPM app currently shows the option to transfer the music library and preferences to its new music streaming service. Even this data will no longer be available after next month. If you haven’t yet moved your data to YouTube Music, now is the time to do it.