YouTube Music May Soon Let Share Songs On Instagram & Snapchat Stories

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Google has been working tirelessly on YouTube Music, as it is being projected as a Google Play Music alternative. And it has been spotted that YouTube Music will soon let your share songs on Instagram and Snapchat Stories.

Google Play Music is nearing depreciation. In fact, many regions have already lost access to Play Music. For quite a few months, YouTube Music has been highlighted as an alternative.

Adding one more feature to YouTube Music, it would now let you share songs as Instagram and Snapchat stories. However, this feature is yet to go live.


If you are an avid user of Instagram and Snapchat, then this news may be big for you. Besides, the new YouTube Music share sheet shows two new targets, i.e. Instagram Stories and Snapchat Stories.

As noted by 9To5Google, this feature has been generated by YouTube Music and not by social media platforms. And it is evident because of the square icon share and not the default round icon share in the share menu.

Currently tapping the Instagram stories or Snapchat stories crashes YouTube Music

Notably, as already mentioned, YouTube Music share songs on Instagram and the Snapchat stories feature does not work. Tapping on either of the buttons crashes the app itself.

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This means that YouTube Music developers will take some more time in completely baking this feature. And once the feature is completely cooked, it will be made available to all the users via an update.

Although the feature is not working at the moment, at least it is clear what Google intends to do with these features. Sounds like a good option for Instagram and Snapchat users.

Apparently, this feature is similar to what we already have with Spotify and Apple Music. If you have been using any of the two apps, both allow you to share songs as a story on Instagram and Snapchat app.


The story shared via Apple Music and Spotify includes album artwork, artist name, and some sort of custom background. We expect Google would also implement the same feature and information with the YouTube Music song share option.

Moreover, if Google is working with Instagram, then it may provide some sort of link back to YouTube Music to listen to the song on the music streaming app.

As of today, there is no integration live on either of the social media apps. So, Google may soon release an update highlighting this new YouTube Music share feature to advertise the music streaming app.


YouTube Music lacks a lot of features compared to Spotify and other popular music streaming app. But it is good to see that Google is actively adding more features from time to time.

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