Xiaomi's First Foldable Smartphone Coming In The Spring, More Info Appears

Xiaomi foldable phone teaser video image 1

Xiaomi is expected to launch its first foldable smartphone in the spring. That information got shared by Ross Young, a well-known display analyst. That’s not all the information he shared, though.

Mr. Young also said that this smartphone will feature an 8-inch display. It will be an out-folding foldable smartphone which is the less popular approach. Its display will be provided by China Star, according to Mr. Young.

This information follows the info XDA Developers shared last week. The site revealed the codename of the upcoming device, it’s ‘cetus’, as we’ve reported. The device will likely ship with Android 11 out of the box.


It was also said that the Snapdragon SoC will fuel the phone, while a 108-megapixel main camera will be placed on its back. Chances are that Xiaomi will include a flagship SoC inside this phone, likely the Snapdragon 8xx series chip.

Xiaomi has been testing foldable smartphones for a long time

Xiaomi has been testing foldable smartphones for a really long time at this point. The company even showed us a working prototype of its foldable a while back, but it never launched a foldable device.

Well, it seems like that will change in the spring. The company is expected to release its very first foldable smartphone, and you can expect more information to follow in the coming weeks / months.

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It’s interesting that Xiaomi is going the out-folding route, instead of adopting something similar to the Galaxy Z Fold 2 design. In any case, it’ll be great to see more competition in the foldable smartphone department.

Foldable smartphone prices are still way, way too high, so the more devices we see in the market, the cheaper such phones will get. It’ll take years for their price tags to normalize, though.

That is pretty much all the information that we have on the Xiaomi-branded foldable smartphone. It will be interesting to see how much will that device cost. Xiaomi is well-known for making its devices more affordable compared to the competition, so… it’ll be interesting to see the price of its first foldable. Don’t expect it to be a budget device, though, by any means. That thing will still be expensive, almost certainly.