You Can Now Officially Make Your WhatsApp Messages Disappear

Whatsapp AH NS 04

WhatsApp has announced the introduction of its new disappearing messages feature. As announced in a company blog post, the messaging company has brought in the ability to send messages that disappear.

This announcement does not come as a shock given the feature has been in testing for quite a long time. The company also shared some details just days ago in a FAQ section.

However, WhatsApp is no stranger to making tweaks to its platform on a regular basis. One of the more recent innovations made by the company was the potential introduction of a shopping feature on the platform. Such a feature is reportedly coming soon to the messaging app.


Security is also something that WhatsApp prides itself on. As a result, it looks like WhatsApp Web may be getting fingerprint security in order to try and get those security levels even higher.

WhatsApp claims this new disappearing messages feature is to try and make WhatsApp messaging more like real life. The company claims that most messages are not intended to be everlasting just like in normal conversations.

As a result, WhatsApp has tried to reflect this by giving users the opportunity to send messages that disappear.


WhatsApp introduces disappearing messages

Users can turn the new disappearing messages feature on which will make all new messages disappear after seven days on a chat. The idea is to help “the conversation feel lighter and more private”.

If you are in a one-to-one messaging conversation either one of you can turn the feature on. However, if you are in a group chat the admins are the only ones with the power to do so.

WhatsApp claims it decided to start with seven days to offer the peace of mind that conversations are not permanent. It points out that things you received a few days prior which are likely to still be relevant remain.


However, out of date messages will disappear after that period looking to declutter the inbox as well as making it seem that much more private.

On the whole, this seems like an interesting innovation from WhatsApp. It may move conversations closer to feeling like they are in the real world as well as decluttering.

However, it does remove the ability to go back and check on previous messages to recall information or find out dates that events occurred. Given you have the option to turn the feature on though it is not too intrusive and for some will have its benefits.