Upgrade Your Home Theater For Under $70 With VANKYO Projectors – Cyber Monday Deals 2020

VANKYO Projectors amazon cyber monday deals

If you've been looking at projectors to upgrade your home theater, Amazon has you covered for Cyber Monday with deals from VANKYO.

The projectors range in cost from $69.99 at 30-percent off to just under $190 at 27-percent off. And that includes some of the well-known OEM's latest models. All vying to replace that smart TV in your living room.

At the bottom of the pile is the VANKYO LEISURE 3 Mini Projector. That, as with the other deals on VANKYO projectors here, comes with a carry case and an HDMI cable included. Like every other projector in the listings, it supports up to 1080p picture quality. It's also rated for up to a 170-inch display, with complete support for smart TV sticks, game consoles, and more via DMI, VGA, TF Card, AV, and USB.


The Leisure 3 Mini Projector is, additionally, ceiling mount-ready. And it comes, like the others in the listing, with remote control for convenience. The built-in, replaceable LED lamp will last for as long as 40,000-hours — right around 10,000 days at four hours per day.

Bumping up in price from there is the VANKYO Leisure 410 Mini Projector with phone mirroring support and a 33-inch to 200-inch image. That costs just $76.99 at 23-percent off. The VANKYO Leisure 430 Mini Projector, conversely, is 31-percent off and adds a hi-def speaker. It also supports up to 236-inch screens for just $82.99. VANKYO's Leisure 470 Mini Projector, on the other hand, bumps things up to 250-inches at distances between 4.27 and 26.57 feet.

On the other hand, VANKYO's Leisure 3W Mini Projector pushes display sizes at around 176-inches via VGA, USB, HDMI. It has a contrast ratio of 2000:1, keeps phone support, and costs just $89.99 at 10-percent off. The "Pro" model VANKYO Leisure 3 takes contrast up a notch to 3000:1.

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Finally, at $189.99, the VANKYO Performance V630 is less portable. But, at its 27-percent discount, it offers up to 300-inches, with a 5000:1 contrast ratio and more options for adjustments and noise reductions.

Rounding out VANKYO's offerings is an all-aluminum tripod for its projectors and a 120 Inch Projection Screen. Those are discounted 31-percent to $33.99 and 46-percent to $26.99, respectively. Making them a far cheaper option for those who aren't intrigued by ongoing TV deals.

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