For Better Or Worse, Twitter Rolls Out 'Fleets' To Everyone

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Twitter has started rolling out ‘Fleets’ to everyone. Whether you like it or not, Twitter’s disappearing stories will now be an integral part of the application… and no, you cannot turn them off.

If you’re using Instagram, Facebook, or a number of other apps that support such a feature, you’ll be right at home here. Fleets are essentially the same thing as Stories on Instagram.

That feature made its way to a number of apps out there, including the ones we’ve mentioned, and even YouTube. Well, Twitter is getting on board of that train, whether you like it or not. This feature was shown by Twitter a while back, though it did not become an integral part of the app, until now.


Twitter Fleets will permanently sit at the top of your timeline

You can share a ‘Fleet’ with a block of text, photo, GIF, or… a tweet. Yes, you can even include a tweet in there. Fleets will appear at the very top of your timeline, and you’ll get replies to them directly to your inbox.

Twitter is trying to do the same thing as Instagram, it wants to make users more comfortable to share, without pressuring them to tweet. Well, that, and the fact this feature has been highly popular on other platforms.

The fact is, people don’t tweet all that much, and Twitter probably wants to give them another way to share. According to a Pew Research poll from last year, 10-percent of the most popular Twitter users are responsible for 80-percent of tweets in the US.


In any case, Fleets may annoy some people, though, as they will be permanently included at the top of your timeline. It takes away from the simplicity of the Twitter app, that’s for sure.

If you don’t like this new feature, it’s possible that Twitter will make it possible to remove Fleets, though don’t hold your breath. You cannot remove that feature on other platforms, so Twitter probably won’t be an exception, we’ll see.