Top 7 Entertainment Apps For Android

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Today, life without smartphones would be very difficult to imagine for most of us. A lot has changed since these smart devices were first made available to the public and we can certainly expect a lot more from the industry in the future. Smartphones have now become a necessary part of life for most people, with more and more users relying on them as their main computer. Many people rely on their smartphone for work while others use them to fill the gap of boredom by playing games, chatting with friends and family, reading the news, watching videos, catching up with social media and more. Entertainment is one of the main reasons for most of us to use our smartphones, so we’ve put together some of the best entertainment apps available on Android to keep you busy.

Online Casino Apps

If you enjoy playing casino games like blackjack, poker, slots, roulette and pokies, there are several Android apps to choose from where you can play your favorite games from the comfort of your own home, during your commute, or anywhere else that you like. Check out these sites where you can play online pokies and be in with a chance of winning some real money – many of the sites have Android apps that you can download to your smartphone for even more convenience and better playing experience.

Among Us

If you enjoy playing multiplayer games on your smartphone, then you’re going to love the Among Us game that’s taking the world by storm at the moment. Available to download for free on the Google Play store, Among Us is a game set on a spaceship where the main aim is for the crewmates to find the ‘imposter’, who is tasked with killing off all the players. Players also have a series of simple tasks to complete; completing the tasks before the imposter has been able to kill everybody means that the crewmate team will win. The game is highly addictive and will keep you on your toes for hours.



If you’re looking for a more educational and intellectual entertainment app, you’ll love the range of talks and conferences available on TED. Run by the non-profit Sapling Foundation, TED’s global set of conferences has gained praise from around the world and have been available for free viewing online since 2006. Downloading the app gives you access to the entire video library of TED talks, which you can watch in your native language.

Google Play Books

If you enjoy reading, this cross-platform ebook app by Google is a great entertainment app to take advantage of on your Android smartphone. You can purchase and download ebooks directly from the Play Store with a huge range of titles and genres to choose from whether you like mysterious crime stories, romantic comedies or biographies.


If you enjoy movies and TV shows, then you can’t go without downloading Netflix to your smartphone. Using this app, you can watch all the popular TV shows and movies available on Netflix and get notifications straight to your phone when something new is uploaded to the site. The Netflix app is great to watch when you are travelling and to pass the time on the train, or you can use it when somebody else has taken over the TV at home. You can also download your favourite movies and TV shows to watch without an internet connection.



If you love creating art, SketchBook is a fantastic app to download to your Android phone. This drawing and painting app is ideal for all ages and turns your Android smartphone or tablet into a sketchpad. It comes with a variety of different sketching tools to create stunning artwork and works great with a digital pen or stylus.


TikTok has taken the world by storm and is an ideal app for watching other users’ content or even creating your own. Using TikTok, you can create short clips of any type of content that you like – keeping it clean, of course! Whether you want to share your favorite recipes with your followers or create some funny videos to make people laugh, you can do it all here.

What are your favorite entertainment apps for Android? Let us know in the comments.