Technologies And Apps That Ensure Your Safety In 2020

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Data protection and privacy concerns are affecting some of the latest technologies like computer vision systems and wearables.

As we have come to the end of 2020, a number of challenges are keeping us home, glued to a smartphone or laptop. Whether it is work or personal, data safety is crucial for everyone.

With the prevalence of these devices, it is crucial to address the applications running on mobile devices. App developers have successfully tapped into the user’s minds and needs, which includes personal data safety, violence prevention, and building awareness. But, does it all work?


Factors That Make Safe Apps

  • Source of The App: The source or manufacturer of the app is an important factor here. If it is a dating app or a spying app, it should be one of those developed by eminent organizations having expertise in the field. An inexperienced company cannot provide the result you seek. For instance, if you are using a spying app and you want to know, “who is my boyfriend texting”, you should depend on an app that could give you 100% sure shot result.
  • Privacy: Does this app enhance your privacy? Apps targeting the safety and privacy of your data would have a robust and explicit design with a clear explanation in the store. Access to these privacy features should be easy. Apps should also provide information sharing and data collection policies considering the privacy, autonomy, and safety of the survivor.

Technology That Keeps You Safe Online

#1: Data Encryption


Remote hacking is a great cause of concern. Your data is vulnerable beyond and you have to protect it. Data encryption system, both software and hardware-based, encodes information to ensure only authorized access.

#2: Fingerprints

Fingerprints have replaced passwords to provide a secure gateway to your system. Today, most of the devices are equipped with fingerprint sensors. While hackers may be able to guess the password, they cannot reproduce fingerprints.


#3: Tracker

Lost your computer? With the new range of tracking software, you can now safeguard your prized data even if you misplaced your computer.
There are free apps, such as Prey. You can also use a paid app, such as LoJack. These apps help you to locate a missing device, lock the hard drive using the internet or the phone on the second device, and ensure safety.

#4: Facial Recognition To Unlock The Device


Unarguably, this is the most interesting feature. Using the app Intel Security True Key, the device memorizes the structure of a user’s face. It is a mathematical calculation. Once the face is recognized, it grants access to the device with facial scans.

#5: Agile Safety & Security

The local market has adopted advanced technology like chatbots much faster than any other workplace. With this, likely, the pace, volatility and ongoing demand for work triggered by the current safety techniques would ensure absolute transparency. Safety is all set to become more agile, delivering real-time processes and information, and responding to risk situations quickly.


As a result, this would increase the need for short intervals to provide key decision-making metrics. Using IoT devices like sensors, wearables, telematics, and building fabric is likely to stream higher velocity data and replace human processes of monitoring like an inspection.

Talking of safety apps, here are a few options to consider:

#1: All-Rounder App – Life360


Life360 is an excellent app that takes care of all the members of a family. Using the app, you can share your location history of the members and receive updates for up to 2 days.

You would receive alerts when any of the members visit top places such a home, work, school, park, etc. You also receive automated SOS for emergencies like theft or fire. It features an auto crash option that would allow to you respond to the crash quickly.

The app has both a free and premium version. You may choose either. The premium version includes exclusive features.


#2: Google Personal Safety

One of the finest apps by Google that takes care of your safety. The app is pre-installed on the latest Google devices. However, if you do not use any Google device, you can download it from the play store.

The app features are advanced such as safety checks that allow you to set time for the device to confirm your safety. If this feature is not activated within a specific time, it starts sharing emergency SOS.

Apart from sharing the real-location of the user, the app also detects car crash, notifies public emergencies and disasters, and ensures you are safe.

Final Word

There are many other apps to keep you safe both online and offline. It is a matter of choice. Family Locator, ICRISIS, SafeON, and iOkay are a few examples.

Since getting out of your homes in these difficult times is challenging, it is important to be safe and ensure your family knows you are protected.