Call Of Duty May Take Up A Third Of The Xbox Series S Storage Space

Xbox Series S

Storage space is going to be a concern for some users of next-gen consoles this year, and those that choose the Xbox Series S may be in for a bit of a letdown.

According to a new rumor the storage space on the Xbox Series S is going to be rather low. If the information is actually accurate, then it could be less than 400GB. The console comes with a 512GB SSD inside. Compared to the original Xbox One and PS4 units, this is about what you had internally.

While that was an issue for some over time given the size of games during that generation, it’s more of an issue now. Game sizes for the next-gen consoles are going to be huge for some big budget titles. Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is just one example with a size of around 136GB on Xbox Series X and Series S. Which could take up a third of the storage on the console


Xbox Series S storage space rumored to be below 400GB

The rumor stems from a user on Reddit (spotted by TechRadar), claiming that the console may have a 512GB SSD, but only 364GB of that is usable for game and app installation.

That’s definitely under what you got with the last-gen consoles fresh out of the box. Which means that users aren’t going to have a lot to work with for games with the Xbox Series S as storage space will be more limited than the Xbox Series X.

If you take the storage required for the Black Ops Cold War game file size, that’s 136GB. And if you have 364GB of usable space, then you would have enough room left for about two more games of equal size. Which isn’t a lot.


That’s also not taking into account any storage you might take up for game saves, screenshots, saved video recordings and more. Basically, you’ll probably want some of those expansion cards. Or at least one of them.

Again, expansion cards are the solution here

While 364GB is not a whole lot of storage for a console that will have games that are a third of that space, there is a solution.

The expansion cards. If you don’t to have to manage your storage space to the point where you only install a few larger games or a mixture of a large game and mostly smaller games, then look to the expansion cards for some extra storage.


In many cases people will need it. Unless they want to babysit their game libraries. Though, at the cost of the one from Seagate, you may want to wait until more storage size options are announced.