Stadia Text Chat Arrives To Make Communication A Bit Easier

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Do you hear that, it's the sound of your fingers clicking and clacking the buttons on your controller as you type out a text chat message to your friends and teammates on Stadia.

Sometime this week, it appears that Stadia text chat has started to arrive. But before you go jumping for joy, know that the access seems to be a little bit limited at the moment.

It's exciting that a long overdue feature is finally here. Technically. In some sense. But not everyone will have access to it just yet. As it seems that Google is rolling out the feature either in waves or in smaller testing groups first.


Stadia text chat enters a slow phased rollout

As of right now the text chat feature doesn't look to be available to users in the US. Which points to the scenario that Google is slowly rolling this out in stages.

According to Android Police, the feature has been spotted by users in Italy, which is one of the Stadia launch countries. Google hasn't formally announced the text chat feature yet, so there's no telling how long it will be before it reaches everyone.

If you're curious to see if it is available for you though, there's a couple of ways to check. The first is the easiest and really the quickest. Simply open your friends list by clicking on your avatar and choosing a friend's profile to view.

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There should be an option there to send a text chat. If there's not, then it hasn't been made available to you or more likely, rolled out in your region yet. You can also send text chats to people in a party.

Conversations also have their own separate tab in the UI so things are a little more organized.

It seems to work across devices

Though it may be arriving for some and not for others, it's not all bad. With some Stadia features, like creating a party, the mobile version doesn't get access. Not yet anyway.


But it appears that the text chat is available across devices. Meaning you can open up a conversation and type out a message in either the Stadia mobile app, on the web, and likely the Chromecast Ultra.

When it does roll out to all regions, it seems users won't be limited to where they can use text chat and that's a big, big bonus for all users.