Stadia Family Share Feature Finally Arrives For Some


Stadia is finally getting its Family Share feature, as Google now begins to roll it out to users today, November 5. Family Share has been one of the most requested features. It was confirmed to be a feature before Stadia even launched.

But then early on it was also confirmed that it would not be a feature that was available right away.

For very obvious reasons, people have been wanting access to it. The most notable being that it gives people a way to save some money. If you have children or friends that you trust and want to share games with, this is a way to do so.


The Stadia family share feature is not available to all just yet

While the feature is rolling out to users as of today, it isn’t rolling out to everyone immediately. Some users will likely already have access to it. But it may take some time before every user has access to it.

That being said, if you know anyone that does have it, you can always convince them to enable it and share games while you wait on your own. Once that comes around, Family Share would be a great way to share Stadia games with friends and vise versa. Let’s say there’s a game that you purchased but your friend did not.

Maybe they want to play it but didn’t want to pony up the dough to grab the game. In this scenario, you could add them to your Family Group and then share that game with them.


They can then play it as if they owned it. Likewise they could do the same for you if there are any games you want to play but aren’t necessarily keen on actually buying. There are some caveats to this though.

Only one person can play a game at a time

Both people (or all users if there’s more than one person in your Family Group) can’t play the same game at the same time. Meaning if you have a game with multiplayer that you shared, such As Ghost Recon Breakpoint, you can’t party up and play with each other.

This will more or less limit things to individual gaming experiences. If you want to play multiplayer games together, then each person has to own the game. So again, no grouping up in games like Destiny 2 or The Division 2.


You can also choose to share every single game in your library, or share each game manually and on an individual basis. The latter might be the way to go if you want a little more control on which games are shared.