Stadia Celebrates 1 Year With Free Promotions And More Compatibility

Stadia 2

Stadia is celebrating its 1-year anniversary and as part of that, there are some freebies and some cool improvements being made that will benefit even more gamers.

Stadia officially launched 1 year ago on November 19 of 2019. It launched with much fanfare and those first few months were a little bit of a bumpy ride. Not just for Google, but for the gamers that bought into the platform and the future of gaming that Google was selling.

Fast forward to November 19 of 2020, and there’s a lot that’s changed about Google’s cloud gaming offering. All of these changes are for the better. As they improve Stadia well beyond what it was 360 days ago.


Stadia is 1 year old so Google is giving away free Premiere Editions, but there’s a catch

Sometimes Google does give away free stuff. But there’s usually a catch to the whole thing and that’s no different today than it would be most other times.

In Stadia’s case, users can get their hands on a free Premiere Edition bundle if they pre-order Cyberpunk 2077. The other caveat is that you have to pre-order it by December 18, and the promotion will only stick around while supplies last.

December 18 is likely the Stadia launch date for the game. And if the promotion is only available while supplies last Google probably anticipates running out of all the stock it allocated for this specific deal.


If you’ve not yet tried out Stadia Pro but you do have a free membership, you might want to consider pre-ordering Cyberpunk 2077.

Today also marks the day that Destiny 2: New Light is available to all Stadia players even without a Pro membership. It’s no longer possible to claim Destiny 2: The Collection as a Pro title either.

Stadia iOS testing will begin in the near future

Now, iOS users will finally be able to give Stadia a try on their mobile devices.


Google has officially confirmed today that it will begin testing of its Stadia iOS app. This won’t be your typical iOS app though. It’ll be a progressive web application. As this is the only way that Google was able to get Stadia onto iOS.

Compatibility will begin rolling out “several weeks from now,” according to Google. So it may be her before the end of the year. And it may take just a tiny bit longer.

Still, if you’ve been waiting this long on iOS, a little bit longer probably isn’t going to hurt.