Spotify Is Planning To Board The 'Stories' Train Soon

spotify custom playlist cover image

Stories is one such feature that has gained popularity in the recent past among various social media apps. Recently, the music streaming app, Spotify is also testing the stories feature with playlists.

Snapchat is one of the social media apps that brought in this 'stories' feature to the picture. You can post in your behind-the-scene footage or your daily life content as stories.

Apparently, apps like Instagram, Facebook, and most recently Twitter have already implemented this feature on their platforms. FYI, LinkedIn, which is an employment-oriented online platform, has also recently introduced the stories feature.


Notably, users can post a photo or video that will disappear after 24 hours. So, in this way, you can share your everyday life snippets or some important moments that matter to you.

After a series of social media apps, music-streaming giant Spotify has now joined the bandwagon. Spotify is publicly testing this feature for its app.

Spotify users will see this feature in action by visiting a few different Spotify-generated playlists. For instance, you can check out playlists such as Christmas Hits or Tear Drop to view this new feature in action.

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In fact, if you are a fan of Megan Thee Stallion, then you can view her stories featured on the enhanced playlist of her album "Good News."

Spotify playlist featuring stories will include a prompt at the center of the banner

If a Spotify playlist includes stories, then you will see a prompt at the center of the banner. Users need to tap on the banner in order to view the Spotify stories.

All the function of the Spotify Stories feature is similar to that of the stories feature on any other app. Spotify is collaborating with a few celebrities to test out the Spotify Stories feature. Engadget has confirmed the testing of this feature.


However, Spotify listeners cannot add stories of their own. Besides, it is not yet if that is even in the cards. Spotify told Engadget that they do not have any news to share about further plans for this feature at this time.

Meaning that there is no clarity if you will see more stories. Additionally, it is also unclear whether users will be able to add and share stories in their own playlists.

Apart from Megan Thee Stallion, Jennifer Lopez's stories also appeared in videos on some playlists. Spotify was working on this feature since last year with some artists.


Finally, the Spotify Stories feature has now gone under public testing. It will be interesting if other streaming services also bring this popular feature onboard or not.