You're Going To Want This First Software Update For The PS5

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Sony has sent out the very first software update for the PS5 today, November 17, not even one full week after the console hit retail stores online.

The company is acting fast to put out updates that improve the usability of the console. And, it probably couldn't be coming at a better time. Sony's PS5 has been a topic of discussion over the past week for many reasons.

Some of those reasons include low stock at retailers on launch day alongside the inevitable battle between real consumers and bots to secure the purchases. Another is the issues people have been having with it since plugging it in and powering it on for the first time.


Some owners have reported complaints of the console crashing when playing games like Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, Godfall and others. Some have reported issues of the console having problems if put into rest mode. So, an update seems like just what doctor ordered.

The first software update for the PS5 improves system performance

While an update being put out this quickly is definitely a good thing for anyone having problems with the console, Sony is being pretty vague on what it actually fixes.

According to the system update patch notes, users can expect the software to improve the system performance. Sony does not mention whether or not this update includes any fixes for the cons9ole crashes or any of the other issues that users have had.

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That being said, you'll still want to download the first software update for the PS5 for two reasons. One is that it'll no doubt improve usability in one way or another. Even if it doesn't fix every single issue that seems to have arisen in the last five to six days.

The second is that you can't use any of the features of the PS5 that require a network connection. Not until you update the console. Which means no access the PlayStation Store, no access to online gaming, and no access to any other online features at all.

The update is nearly 1GB in size

This isn't a small update by any means. It's not massive, but it is almost 1GB in size. So there is a good chance that it includes improvements for some of the problems that people have been having.


As noted though Sony isn't specifically detailing what's being improved and what's not. So unfortunately, there's no way to tell if issues you may personally have been having are getting fixed.

The best course of action is to avoid any unnecessary risks. Including putting the console into rest mode or using the back USB ports for data transfer purposes. Once you turn on the PS5, you'll be prompted to download and install the new update via the notifications.