Sony Offers Up Important Details About PS5 Launch Day Orders


Sony today has put out an official blog post that details some important information about the orders and the purchasing process of the PS5 on its launch day. November 12.

While a number of people have already pre-ordered their next-gen console from Sony, or one of its retail partners, not everyone had the opportunity. Much of the pre-order situation was mired by consoles selling out everywhere within minutes. Sometimes seconds depending on the retailer. Which made it extremely difficult to finish a purchase for many people.

People are chalking it up to poor management of the pre-order system as well as bots that were guaranteed to snap up at least some of the inventory. But there has been at least some hope for consumers that are still looking to get their hands on one in time for day 1. And that's purchasing the console on launch day. But, you will want to temper your expectations.


Sony says PS5 launch day orders can only be made online

If you were hoping to go down to your local retailer of choice and grab a PS5 and walk out with it, it seems that won't be happening.

Sony states that orders for the PS5 on launch day will not be available to make in-store. Rather, you'll only be able to buy the console online at the same retailers where it was available for pre-order.

There's one big obvious reason for this decision. Sony is trying to protect its consumer base as well as those in retail. COVID-19 continues to spread around the country and the globe with new cases popping up, causing some regions to issue a second wave of lockdowns.

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Sony feels that limiting the PS5 sales on launch day to online orders only is a necessary step to help prevent more potential spreading of the virus.

Plan ahead to secure your PS5

As online sales will be the only way to get a PS5 on November 12, Sony is urging its customers to plan ahead.

If you're wondering what that might entail, there's not much to it really. Other than being prepared to place the PS5 in your cart the moment sales go live, there are one or two more steps you can take to increase your chances of actually getting to buy one.


For starters, set up accounts for any retailer where you could make the purchase. Target, GameStop, Best Buy, Amazon, etc. By setting up an account, you can insert and save all of your purchase information so it's ready to go the moment you want to buy something.

In doing this, as soon as you place the PS5 in your cart, all of the necessary information will be auto-filled. That should leave you with hitting the purchase button to finalize the sale. It's much quicker than having to type everything out.

Because the last thing you want is to miss out due to you filling out your shipping and buyer addresses. Not to mention your method of payment. So, be ready. Set up accounts and have all that filled out beforehand. Godspeed, gamers.