Sony Announces Its Arrival To The Drone Market With 'Airpeak' Reveal

sony airpeak drone

Finally, DJI could be having some competition up to its sleeves, at least in the drone market. Notably, Sony is entering the drone business with the launch of its Airpeak brand / project.

In an official news release, Sony announced that it will be entering the drone market with a new brand called Airpeak. This brand will consist of new drones, that are meant to support the creativity of the content creators.

Now, this clearly means that Sony wants to take on the already established player like DJI in the drone business. Well, DJI is the go-to name when we think about drones.


With a wide range of drones available, DJI has been updating and adding enhanced features to its drone segment. One of the standout features of DJI drones is their cameras.

However, since Sony is the expert in the compact and full-frame mirrorless camera markets, we could see some outstanding cameras equipped drones from the Japanese company.

Imaging the powerful camera quality of Sony combined with the capabilities of a drone. This would be a treat for the video content creator or independent filmmaker.

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Sony Airpeak drones are being developed within the field of AI robotics

As per the press release, Sony has developed its Airpeak line of drones within the field of AI robotics. This means that these Sony drones could be used in places where it was previously difficult to do so.

A fair amount of intelligence is what Sony is aiming to integrate into its Airpeak line of drones. Besides, the press release also highlights that Sony will be combining its imaging and sensing technology as well as 3R technologies, i.e. Reality, Real-time, and Remote.

UAVs have gotten smarter and smarter in their short history. Drones are now able to avoid obstacles, navigate, track automatically, with less human intervention.


For the unaware, Sony already has an Aerosence drone. This drone is done in collaboration with ZMP which is focused on surveying and data services.

But now, the company is aiming to cater to the commercial customers of drones. Video content creators who are already using Sony cameras could effectively use Sony Airpeak drones.

As it would make it easier for the content creators to color correct and combine footage, using Sony cameras and Sony drones. Apparently, this seems to be a well-thought-invested decision from Sony.


But even the likes of Sony, which has all the bells and whistles in their bag, have to take each step carefully. As the trust and the fan base in DJI drones is already at its peak.

So, in order to grab that trust and user base share, Sony would have to bring something really special to their Airpeak drones. Let us hope there is fair competition up ahead in this segment.