Samsung Zooms Past Apple In The U.S. Smartphone Market In Q3 2020

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If we go by the latest Samsung Q3 2020 report by Strategy Analytics (via Korea Herald), Samsung has beaten Apple in the US smartphone market for the first time in years.

Samsung managed to zoom past Apple’s sales figures in the native country of the latter which is quite a feat, to be frank. Well, 2020 has been a roller coaster ride for Samsung.

Notably, it briefly lost its top spot of being the world’s number one smartphone manufacturer to Huawei. However, in Q3 2020 it regained its position as the world’s number one smartphone manufacturer.


And this new report of beating Apple on its home turf is just like the cherry on the cake. Note that the report contains numbers before the launch of the iPhone 12 series. So, it is likely that these numbers would be short-lived.

Looking at the scale at which Samsung operates and the wide variety of smartphones it offers should definitely be the top performer in every single market that it operates.

But beating Apple, that too in the US is worth celebrating. The reason is quite simple. Basically, the US is the world’s largest market for flagship devices to some degree.


This directly means higher potential rewards, which Samsung, although for a brief period, would be gaining. This is something amazing for any smartphone manufacturer.

Samsung overtaking Apple in Q3 2020 in the US is quite a feat and is worth celebrating

Talking about some numbers, the report highlights that achieved a 33.7% market share in the US during Q3 2020. Apple, on the other hand, grabbed 30.2%.

Reportedly, Samsung’s budget devices are responsible for the company outperforming Apple in its home turf. But we also believe that the recently launched Galaxy Note 20 series and Galaxy Z Fold 2 apparently played a part too.


You may question why we have said this lead short-lived. And that is because, as already mentioned, these numbers are pre-iPhone 12 series era.

And factoring in the sales of the iPhone 12 series would jump the numbers in favor of Apple once again. Well, that is what the previous trends suggest.

The good thing is that Samsung improved by 6.7% compared to last year. This also means that the company’s products have been well appreciated by the audience.


Samsung has already geared up for the development of its next year’s flagship, the Galaxy S21 series. Several rumors and leaks are already making rounds on the internet.

The leaks of the device, as of now, seem interesting, and it also shows that Samsung does not want to leave any opportunity to hold that number one position in the market.