Samsung Indirectly Confirms Early Galaxy S21 Launch

Samsung Galaxy A50 logo DG 01 AH 2019

Samsung doesn’t often comment on rumors, quite the contrary, it almost never does. Well, the company just did that, kind of. Samsung has indirectly confirmed an early launch for the Galaxy S21, well, the company’s spokesperson did.

While talking to the Korean publication, the company’s spokesperson was asked about the Galaxy S21 series rumors, more specifically, about the January launch rumors. Samsung’s spokesperson did not shot down the question, and simply said he doesn’t have a comment, not at all.

He said that the market is constantly changing, and that none of the established product launch traditions are safe. This is, of course, not a direct confirmation, but he seems to imply that recent rumors are true.


Samsung kind of confirmed early, January launch for the Galaxy S21 series

We’ve seen several rumors regarding the Galaxy S21 series January launch, some of which came from reputable sources. Jon Prosser, a well-known tipster, recently confirmed both the announcement and launch dates for the Galaxy S21 series.

According to him, the Galaxy S21, S21+, and S21 Ultra will become official on January 14. They’ll go on pre-order that very same day, and will become available to purchase on January 29.

So, it seems like Samsung will launch those devices six weeks ahead of schedule, approximately. The company usually announces its Galaxy S flagships towards the end of February.

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It remains to be seen if these dates are accurate, but it seems like the devices are definitely coming early. January seems to be the month Samsung will launch them, though one rumor even suggested December as the launch month.

All three of these devices already surfaced in CAD-based renders. They’ll stick to the Galaxy S20 design, for the most part. The back side will look a bit different, but the display camera hole will remain, as will the glass + metal build. Android 11 will come pre-installed on the device, along with a new version of Samsung’s One UI skin.