Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Is Getting A Cheaper Variant

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip AM AH 11

Samsung is planning to announce a cheaper variant of the Galaxy Z Flip, it seems. This information comes from Ross Young, a well-known display analyst. He shared quite a few accurate information about quite a few Samsung devices in the past.

Mr. Young said that he’s not hearing the name ‘Galaxy Z Fold Lite’ anymore, but he did hear something about the ‘Galaxy Z Flip Lite’ with UTG. Does this mean Samsung gave up on the lite variant of the Galaxy Z Fold?

Well, probably not. The upcoming ‘Lite’ variant of the Galaxy Z Fold will probably be called the ‘Galaxy Z Fold FE’. That is the name that Max Weinbach mentioned a couple of days ago.


The Galaxy Z Flip SE will be the name of the cheaper variant of the Galaxy Z Flip

Having said that, Mr. Weinbach did not mention the ‘Galaxy Z Flip Lite’ name. This handset will feature a UTG display, says Mr. Young, just like the Galaxy Z Flip and Z Flip 5G. Having that in mind, Samsung will have to cut costs somewhere.

The Galaxy Z Flip Lite will probably come with an inferior SoC, and will be inferior to the Galaxy Z Flip in general. We’re still not sure in what way, but you can bet on that. Unfortunately, the source did not say when will this phone launch.

Chances are it won’t arrive before the end of the year, but we’ll see. You never know when Samsung is concerned. It is expected to be considerably more affordable than the Galaxy Z Flip. Let’s hope that Samsung will be able to go below $1,000, though that may be too optimistic.


That being said, some of you may wonder why this phone isn’t called the Galaxy Z Flip FE. That would make sense if the cheaper variant of the Galaxy Z Fold ends up being called the Galaxy Z Fold SE, right?

Well, yeah, it would. Samsung may alter the name of this device, so don’t take it to heart. Mr. Young only wanted to indicate that the phone is coming. He also mentioned, in the comment, that it will be more affordable, but that’s kind of obvious.