Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Could Spot 120Hz Display At WQHD Resolution

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Well, it seems like the Samsung Galaxy S21 series has become leaker and tipster’s favorite at the moment. The latest tweet by Ice Universe suggests that Galaxy S21 Ultra could spot a 120Hz display at WQHD resolution.

So far, we have multiple leaks and tips about Galaxy S21 devices. And this tweet by Ice universe, who is a reliable tipster highlight that the Galaxy S21 Ultra will feature a 120Hz Dynamic AMOLED LTPO panel.

This would be, fortunately, unlike the Galaxy S20 and Note 20 Ultra. For the unaware, both the Ultra devices from Samsung does not support 120Hz refresh rate at WQHD resolution. Which is a shame, by the way.


But it seems like Samsung is finally understanding that locking features up and quoting mammoth prices won’t go down well with the customers.

There are existing Samsung flagships that support 120Hz refresh rate but only at FHD+ resolution. Moreover, the company is opting for the LTPO panel, which is good for handling variable refresh rates.

This would eventually lower the power consumption and hence, would give better battery life. FYI, the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra already uses an LTPO panel.


Galaxy S21 Ultra could come with a 45W fast charger, 108MP camera HM3 sensor

In the same tweet, Ice Universe also shared older information about the Galaxy S21 Ultra. Notably, the phone is also speculated to support 45W fast charging and spot a 108MP HM3 camera sensor.

We strongly believe that even though the device would support 45W fast charging, Samsung would bundle the device with a 25W fast charger.

There are strong rumors that Samsung would follow Apple’s path and would ditch the charger and earphones from the retail box. But we are highly skeptical about it at the moment that Samsung would take such a step so early.


The phone is highly rumored to be launched earlier than its traditional time. The Galaxy S21 Ultra along with other Galaxy S21 series devices is rumored to be launched in January.

On the software side of things, the Samsung Galaxy S21 series is expected to come with Android 11 One UI 3.1 and not the One UI 3.0 custom skin.

The phone is also rumored to spot the Laser Auto Focus in place of the ToF (Time of Flight) sensor. This would heavily improve the night sight photo-taking capabilities. Besides, it will capture night sight images faster.


The point to note here is that all these specs and details about the Galaxy S21 Ultra or any Galaxy S21 devices are just rumors. And these are not official information.

For official information, we would have to rely on Samsung or its official sources. We would keep you updated about more such information if something comes across our table.