Samsung Galaxy M42 Coming With A Huge Battery

Samsung Logo A71 5G DG AH 01 2020

The Samsung Galaxy M42 will arrive with a huge battery pack. The phone’s battery got certified quite recently, by the 3C authority, suggesting we’re looking at a 6,000mAh battery pack.

Needless to say, that’s a huge battery, especially for a budget phone. That is not all that surprising, though, considering that the company’s M series smartphones usually feature rather large battery packs.

In addition to a huge battery, the Galaxy M42 will offer a 64-megapixel main camera

Now, this handset is expected to arrive in the near future. We do have some more information about it, as some details did surface a while back. The phone is expected to include a 64-megapixel main camera.


On top of that, the phone is reported to offer 128GB of internal storage. We’re not really sure about the rest, as that’s basically everything that popped up. We guess that the phone will include rather thin bezels, though.

Its bottom bezel will almost certainly be thicker than the rest. The phone may include a small display notch as well, but we’ll see. A headphone jack may be included, and the same goes for a physical fingerprint scanner.

Android 10 will probably come pre-installed on the device

Android 10 will likely be installed on the device, with the company’s One UI skin. A single speaker is expected on the device, and it will hopefully be a bottom-firing one, but we’ll see. It also remains to be seen if we’ll get a dual SIM setup inside of this smartphone or not.

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This smartphone won't cost a lot, as it’s expected to become the company’s new budget offering. India may be the first country the device makes an appearance in, though it is expected to launch in a number of other countries as well.

Chances are that Samsung won’t hold an event for the device, or anything of the sort. It will likely simply be announced by the company, and that’s it. Therefore, it could launch at any point, without prior notification by the company.