Samsung Delays Galaxy Z Flip 2, Sets Modest Galaxy S21 Sales Target

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip AM AH 13

According to a new report from Korea, Samsung has decided to delay the launch of the Galaxy Z Flip 2. That device was expected to arrive alongside the Galaxy S21 series, but that won’t happen.

The report claims that the company has decided to delay the launch, but will still launch it in H1 2021. Samsung has decided to adopt a different strategy, and the disappointing Galaxy S20 sales numbers may have something to do with it.

Samsung looks to delay the Galaxy Z Flip 2 in order to focus on the Galaxy S21

The company probably wants all the focus to be on the Galaxy S21 this time around. The Galaxy Z Flip 2 may follow in March, but nothing is set in stone at this point. It is unlikely Samsung will wait longer than that, however.


Now, in regards to the Galaxy S21, Samsung is said to start mass-producing those devices next month. The company needs to manufacture enough units for the release of the series, which will follow the January launch event.

The company is not expecting to sell tons of the Galaxy S21 units, it seems

The Galaxy S21 series will likely go on sale in late January or in February. It may also depend from one market to the next. Now, the report also says that the company is producing only 6 million Galaxy S21 device, initially.

We’re talking about the Galaxy S21, S21+, and S21 Ultra together, not only one model. Those aren’t exactly huge numbers for Samsung, as the company usually manufactures more.

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This could be due to the disappointing sales numbers of the Galaxy S20, and also the pandemic. Samsung is being really careful this time around, and that’s not exactly surprising.

The company is hoping that separating launches of its flagship-grade phones will make a difference this time around. 2021 will be quite an interesting year for the company, as we’ll see some compelling phones, both regular ones, and foldable ones.

Samsung may even show off its first rollable phone in 2021. The company’s exec was spotted holding one (or something that looks like it) recently, which managed to get the rumor mill going. Besides, LG will announce its own in H1 2021, while OPPO already showed off its working concept.