Samsung Finally Joins The Android Enterprise Recommended Program

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Samsung announced today that it is joining the Android Enterprise Recommended Program, bringing its Galaxy smartphones and tablets to Google’s program.

Not all of the Galaxy devices that Samsung has, will be part of the Android Enterprise Recommended Program. Select devices running Android 11 or later will be part of the program. This includes the Galaxy S20 series, Galaxy Note 20 series, Galaxy Tab S7/Tab S7+ and the XCover Pro will become part of the program.

Samsung is not new to the enterprise space, having really taken on this part of the industry when BlackBerry began to phase out over five years ago. Samsung created Knox, as a way to keep their devices secure and a better option for enterprise users. Seeing as those users are much more interested in keeping their devices secure, as they could have classified information, or information that should not be leaked out.


Now, Knox is coming to the Android Enterprise Recommended Program. It’s great to see the biggest Android smartphone maker finally jump on board on this program.

What is the Android Enterprise Recommended Program?

The Android Enterprise Recommended Program is a program that provides customers with options that meet Google’s standard requirements for enterprise customers. Since those customers have different needs than consumers. Seeing as they are normally issuing smartphones to hundreds of employees.

Google helps customers find the best equipped Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solution to deploy their Android devices successfully. This program allows developers to integrate Android support into their EMM solutions via APIs and other tools.

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For existing Galaxy users, this won’t change how you use the phone. The only real change is going to be internally, which is going to allow enterprise users to deploy these devices within their company. If your phone is not a company-owned phone, then nothing will change at all for you.