Samsung Tipped To Announce 7 Flagships Next Year, No 'Note' Though

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According to new information from Max Weinbach, Samsung will announce 7 flagships in 2021, three of which will support the S Pen. The tipster shared this information on Twitter, and considering his track record, chances are this info is accurate.

Mr. Weinbach also listed all those devices for us to see. The upcoming flagships are the Galaxy S21 FE, S21, S21+, S21 Ultra, Z Fold 3, Z Flip 3, and Z Fold FE. Some of you may have noticed a major surprise here.

Samsung to announce 7 flagships in 2021, but not a single ‘Galaxy Note’ handset

You will notice that the Galaxy Note series is missing altogether. The Galaxy Note 21 and S21+ were expected to arrive next year, but that won’t happen, it seems. Samsung has been rumored to kill off the Galaxy Note series, but not in 2021.


Well, if Max Weinbach is to be believed, that will happen. Three of the devices he mentioned will offer S Pen support, but neither of them will be a Galaxy Note device.

Three of these devices will offer the S Pen support, two of are easy to guess

So, which of these devices will support the S Pen? Well, based on several sources, the Galaxy S21 Ultra will be the first one. It won’t ship with the S Pen, though.

The Galaxy Z Fold 3 will also support the S Pen, based on several sources. We’re just not sure if that device will ship with the S Pen, or will it be sold separately as for the Galaxy S21 Ultra. We’ll have to wait and see.

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As for the third smartphone, well, it’s anyone’s guess. It could be the Galaxy Z Fold FE, perhaps. That is supposed to be a more affordable foldable smartphone that has been rumored for quite some time now.

Still, considering it will be affordable, the S Pen support doesn’t make much sense. It doesn’t really make much sense for the Galaxy Z Flip 3, as it will be considerably smaller than the Galaxy Z Fold 3, but out of the listed devices, that one is most likely to offer such support, next to the Galaxy S21 Ultra and Z Fold 3.

The ‘Galaxy Z Fold’ series seems to be replacing the ‘Galaxy Note’ series altogether

All in all, this information is very interesting indeed. The Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra may have been the last ‘Note’ series smartphones we’ve seen. That is somewhat surprising considering how many ‘Note’ devices Samsung sells every year. It seems like the ‘Z Fold’ series is set to replace the ‘Note’ series altogether, though.


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