A Rollable Smartphone From OPPO Will Become Available, But Not Soon

OPPO X 2021 image 21

A rollable smartphone from OPPO will become available to purchase, but not soon. As most of you know, OPPO announced its rollable smartphone yesterday, well, it announced a concept of its rollable smartphone.

The device is called the OPPO X 2021. No, OPPO did not release only renders and sketches, it actually showed off a working prototype of the device. Having said that, the phone will not become available as soon as you may think.

A well-known tipster called Digital Chat Station released some more information on Twitter. He says that the display OPPO is using on the OPPO X 2021 is coming from BOE.


A rollable smartphone from OPPO is about to become available in 2022, it seems

Having said that, BOE will not make that display available until 2022, according to the tipster. Therefore, the OPPO X 2021 cannot make it to market until 2022. Do note that this information has not been confirmed, of course.

That is pretty much all the information that the source shared. If it turns out to be true, then it’s a bit disappointing. The device has the year 2021 in its name, and we’re sure quite a few consumers were looking forward to it.

The fact that OPPO showed off a working unit of the device, only gave more hope to consumers. It seems like we’ll all have to wait until 2022, though, at least based on this information.


Having said that, LG is expected to announce a rollable smartphone as well. The company is expected to do that in the first half of next year. LG’s offering should make it to market in 2021, though.

The company will announce its rollable smartphone as part of its Explorer Program. The LG Wing was the first device to launch as part of that program, and this rollable device should be second. All in all, foldable smartphones are about to get some interesting competition in the next year or two.