Razer's Kaira Pro May Be The Best Xbox Series X Headset Out There

Razer Kaira Pro For Xbox Series X

Not long ago Razer confirmed that all of its current accessories for Xbox would be compatible with the Xbox Series X and Series S, and now it’s announced the Kaira Pro, a new headset for a new generation of consoles.

The Razer Kaira Pro is a wireless headset, so it’s perfectly adaptable to any Xbox Series X or Series S setup. If you need to put the controller down for a moment and get up for any reason, you can.

Because the Kaira Pro doesn’t require you to be tethered to it. It’s wireless nature also makes it extremely adaptable to other platforms. As many of Razer’s other headsets are.


The Razer Kaira Pro is designed for Xbox Series X, but works with multiple devices

As noted the headset is set up to be multi-platform. It was designed specifically for the Xbox Series X. But it also works with mobile devices for use with cloud gaming via Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. Or even mobile games, Stadia, or GeForce NOW.

On top of that it will also work for PC. Though Razer does state that you may need an Xbox wireless adapter from Microsoft for it to work. Since The Kaira Pro is designed for Xbox Series X, it’ll connect to the console using Microsoft’s Xbox wireless connectivity protocol that all other wireless headsets for the ecosystem use.

The headset also supports Bluetooth 5.0, so it’ll connect to really any device that allows a wireless Bluetooth audio connection.

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Packed with features for peak audio performance in games

If you want a really great audio experience in your games, then you need a headset that has the features and the tech to deliver. The Razer Kaira Pro is using Razer’s TriForce Titanium 50mm drivers, and the HyperClear Supercardioid microphone. That microphone though is also detachable, and it’s not the only microphone in the headset.

Razer implemented a built-in one so that there’s a mic to use when playing games on the go. This is primarily intended for games on mobile or cloud gaming where voice chat is usable. The headset has personalized audio settings too.

With a series of preset equalizer profiles, gamers can choose audio that sounds more fitting for the type of game they’re playing. Like an FPS mode that Razer says can help them better hear footsteps of encroaching enemy players.


The Razer Kaira Pro retails for $149.99 and is already available for purchase on Razer’s website. It’s also available on Amazon, though it won’t ship out till November 20.

In addition to the Razer Kaira Pro, Razer also released the standard Kaira model, which is only labeled as working with Xbox Series X and Series S, though should also work for Xbox One. For the most part it’s the same, but the mic is a non-detachable boom mic and it doesn’t work with Windows 10 or mobile devices. It also retails for a slightly lower $99.99, and is available on both Razer’s website as well as Amazon.

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