You Can Use Remote Play For Your PS5 On Your PS4


Sony wants you to be able to play your PS5 games in as many places as possible, even from your PS4 using the Remote Play feature.

You read that right. Sony wants you to have the ability to play your PS5 games from your PS4 using Remote Play. Why you'd want to, no one knows. That's something you might have to answer for yourself. But, there's at least one good reason that we could think of as to why this makes sense.

If you have a PS4, then you may have noticed the app already. The Remote Play app for Sony's new console has recently shown up on PS4 systems. As reported by The Video Games Chronicle. That doesn't mean all people will have access to the app just yet, but it is possible. Also worth noting is that it might take a little while before it shows up for everyone.


PS5 Remote Play on PS4 works just as you'd think

As you might guess, the new Remote Play app works just like you think it would. You can link up to your PS5 and then remotely play those games.

Now, you might ask yourself why you wouldn't just play games on the PS5 directly. In most cases, you would. But perhaps you live in a household where you sometimes have to share the TV. Sharing is caring. But, maybe you still want to play games.

This is the scenario where this becomes useful. You could easily have the PS4 set up in another part of the home. Then all you have to do is remote into the PS5 and stream those games over to the other console.

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Once everything's booted up, then whoever else wanted to use the TV can switch the input over to the cable box or whatever else they're using to watch stuff. Now everyone's happy.

The experience won't be entirely the same

This is probably a given. But, you should temper your expectations in terms of how games will work using the Remote Play feature.

Even if all games are compatible with this app, the experience won't be entirely the same. New games that come out on PS5 are designed to take advantage of the console's DualSense controller and other features.


Like 3D audio. The PS4 does not work with the DualSense controller, for now at least, so you won't be able to use it for the Remote Play. Nor does it have 3D audio. This automatically locks you out of getting the feel of the adaptive triggers or the more immersive sound.

With that said though, as long as the game is compatible and what you're more concerned with is just that you can play it, this should suffice as a method to do so until the next time you can actually play on the PS5 itself.