Your PS5 Games Won't Be Region-Locked This Time Around

Sony PlayStation 5 1

You'll be able to get your hands on a PS5 very soon, and even though there is basically no more to learn about the console, Sony still has a few surprises it seems, as this week it confirmed that games won't be region-locked.

That means if you buy a title in Japan, or anywhere else where you might happen to travel in the future, that game will be playable on your version of the console.

This is a pretty big change for the PlayStation ecosystem. Since the launch of the original PlayStation decades ago, games have been region-locked, but that stops with the PS5. A decision that collectors will no doubt be pleased by.


Region-locked games are a thing of the past on PS5

Sony officially confirmed that games will be region-free yesterday, November 9. The details were part of a large set of questions answered by the company in a massive FAQ post.

So alongside the details about the region-locking, Sony also highlights many other details about the new console. Region-locking will definitely be a more niche thing that the majority of PS5 owners are unlikely to care about.

But it's going to be a huge benefit for anyone who's tried to buy games that weren't available in their own country. And that therein is the biggest part of this change.

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Games don't always release everywhere around the globe. But, now that won't matter. If you can get your hands on a title from another country that you've been wanting, you won't be limited to playing it on a console from that country.

Which in the end breaks down to some huge money savings.

PS Now is also supported on the PS5

As one would have it, Sony isn't just content with the system supporting games from other regions.


The PS5 will also support PS Now. Which means you can stream games to the PS5 that come from older generations as well. Now, this isn't quite the substitute for true backwards compatibility with all older games, but it'll have to do.

And, it's great news for anyone that's currently subscribed to PS Now because that means you won't have to boot up your PS4 to continue accessing it.

The PS5 launches this week on November 12, which is in just a couple of days. If you're planning on buying one, all sales will be held online through Sony's retail partners, so be prepared to hit that refresh button the morning of launch.