Powered By Android: Why Android-Based Solutions Are Becoming More And More Popular In The Digital Signage Market

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When it comes to marketing your products and services, a picture is worth much more than a thousand words, and a moving picture is even more valuable. That is why so many businesses are moving away from static forms of advertising, abandoning traditional media like newspapers and magazines in favor of more interactive and user-friendly technologies.

Digital signage solutions run the gamut, from the large menu boards at fast food drive-thru lanes and colorful menus at corner coffee shops to informational displays in medical and veterinary offices. These digital signage solutions are in place in many different places, and to the customer it all seems to happen by magic.

Those constantly changing digital signage displays may seem like magic to the viewer, but there is real world technology happening behind the scenes. Whether they are touting the latest prescription drugs in a doctor’s office, discussing the importance of cat and dog vaccinations at the local veterinarian’s office or encouraging impulse purchases at the checkout counter, those digital signage solutions are powered by software, and much of that software is built on the Android operating system.


Most people know the Android operating system as the brains behind their smartphone, and indeed Android does have a larger market share than the more well-known Apple iOS. But Android powers much more than mobile devices, and the developers of digital signage software understand the power of the platform.

The Core Platform for Digital Signage Software

For many developers of digital signage solutions, the Android platform is the go-to, with many advantages that make it the clear leader in the space. Compared to other options, the Android-based platforms are easy-to-use, fast-to-deploy, highly scalable and, as a rule, you’re able to start using it within a couple of minutes, simply installing the application player on your device right from the Google Play Store.

The Android-based platforms are also the most cost-effective digital signage solutions, something that is very important for business owners everywhere. No company, no matter how successful, is blessed with an unlimited marketing budget, and making the most of those available dollars is an essential part of doing business. For system integrators, finding a cost-effective digital signage software solution for their clients could mean the difference between a successful project and the unemployment line.


A Smart and Reliable Solution to the Digital Signage Dilemma

Reliability is another key benefit of the Android platform, at least in the digital signage software space. When it comes to digital signage, a frozen or inoperable display is worse than useless; that lack of reliability could actually cost sales instead of driving them.

The reliability of the Android operating system platform is well known, and that reliability is no doubt behind its enormous growth in market share among smartphone users. But that reliability extends across the rest of the platform as well, one that the developers of digital signage software are currently taking advantage of.

A Wealth of Devices

As you can see, the Android platform has a number of important advantages when it comes to building a digital signage solution. From high uptime and robust reliability to low cost and a simple user interface, these benefits are difficult to deny, but there is another reason why Android is the right choice.


The widespread nature of the platform means that Android is powering many more devices than you might think, especially comparing it with the Windows or Linux platforms. While many consumers know Android from the smartphones in their pocket, this powerful platform has been used for many years in all kinds of devices.

There are Android TVs on the market, used in everything from digital signage displays to individual homes and businesses. These Android TVs have proven enormously popular on the open marketplace, and their market share is only expected to grow.

The developers of digital signage software can harness the power and growing market share of the Android platform to build their own solutions, taking an off the shelf product and transforming it into a stunning, and highly effective, digital display.


These digital signage solutions can be combined, for instance, with the popular Android TV boxes, building a better solution and giving businesses even more choices.

Building a Better Network

When combined with other devices built around the Android platform, including touch monitors and tablets, users of such kind of digital signage solutions can harness the power of the network, sending their messages far and wide, building in remote control capabilities and driving up the effectiveness of their efforts.

A Step Ahead of the Competition

There are many competitors in the digital signage space, and the Android platform is not the only solution, but for many reasons it is the best. Other offerings are built, for example, on platforms powered by Windows and Linux, and they definitely have their adherents.


In fact, at the dawn of the digital signage software marketplace, these Windows and Linux-powered solutions were the standard, and most developers used them to create solutions for their clients, but now things have changed in a big way.

As time went by, the deficiencies of these Windows and Linux-based digital signage software solutions began to become apparent. As those issues grew worse, developers looked for a better solution, and they found it in the Android operating platform.

Now that the Android platform has become the gold standard for developers of digital signage software solutions, business clients are enjoying a host of important benefits, from simple deployment to low cost of ownership, from stability to license-free operation.


With no need to purchase licenses for the operating system, businesses can free up their resources for better and more effective operating campaigns. And with so many devices already running on the Android platform, the opportunities for growth are everywhere. If you are not already using the Android platform, now is the perfect time to make the change. The solution provided by LOOK DS is particularly good one, so why not look into it today?