Surprise! OnePlus Watch Won't Run Google's Wear OS

OnePlus Watch no Wear OS

The OnePlus Watch is coming, but it won’t run Google’s Wear OS, which is contrary to what everyone expected. This information hasn’t been confirmed by OnePlus, but shared by a well-known tipster.

Max Jambor posted the information on Twitter recently. He is usually spot on with leaks, especially ones considering OnePlus. Therefore, this information is probably spot on. He was actually the first one who said that the watch is coming.

That is the same source that recently said the OnePlus Watch has been postponed… indefinitely. We do not know when will this watch become a reality, but it seems like OnePlus won’t use Wear OS.


The OnePlus Watch won’t run Wear OS, unlike the OPPO Watch

We’re not sure what’s going on here, as OnePlus’ sister company used Wear OS on its watch recently. We’re talking about the OPPO Watch, of course. So, we expected OnePlus to do the same thing, and puts its own spin on Wear OS.

Presuming that won’t be the case, OnePlus will probably come up with its own software for this smartwatch. There’s also a chance it’ll use some other third-party software, but that’s unlikely.

The OnePlus Watch will become the company’s very first smartwatch. Based on the information Max Jambor shared earlier, the watch will feature a round watch face, and body as well.


We’re expecting this watch to be made out of metal, though the device hasn’t leaked yet. It will probably come with regular watch straps, so you’ll be able to attach your own to it. We’re only guessing at this point, though.

This watch is expected to launch before the OnePlus 9 series in mid-2021, but we don’t know when exactly. It was rumored to arrive before the end of 2020, but considering it has been postponed, we don’t really know what to expect at this point in time. We’ll just have to wait for more information to surface.