OnePlus Shares A List Of Features That Will Be Added To OxygenOS

oneplus ideas program

OnePlus has recently concluded its IDEAS 2.0 program. That program is asking for opinions, the company is asking its users, what new features they would like to add to OxygenOS. After careful consideration, testing, and review, OnePlus has revealed a list of ideas / features that have been selected.

OnePlus asks its fans to submit their ideas for the features that could potentially be included in the future OxygenOS releases. This is a good program that makes direct interaction with users.

Well, this is what OnePlus is known for. And that is direct interaction with its fanbase. Such small steps taken by the OEM go well with the users and increases the trust towards the company.


OnePlus has shared a list of 7 features that will be added to OxygenOS

OnePlus has revealed a list of ideas that have been adopted for IDEAS 2.0. This list contains a total of 7 features that could potentially make their way to OnePlus devices via OxygenOS future updates.

FYI, it is the IDEAS program that helped bring back the Always On Display feature to OnePlus devices. So, it is a clear indication that OnePlus has one ear open for its users.

For IDEAS 2.0, OnePlus went over multiple rounds of submissions and watched as the community voted on these features. Taking into discussion the most demanded ones, they have settled for 7 features.


Here is the list of 7 features that have picked up by OnePlus to be included in the future OxygenOS update releases:

OnePlus IDEAS 2.0

Add an FPS counter option to Game Space

This is strictly meant for the gamers. With this feature, you could be able to see steady frames per second counter on the top corner of your display while playing any game. This OnePlus feature would give you a peek into how your phone handles certain games.

Separate volume for each app and allow dual media playback

OnePlus phones pause the music if you receive a call. This feature allows users to listen to both the sources or lets the music playing. You can manually adjust the volume of both the audio sources.


Lockscreen customization

OnePlus is known for customization and with this Lockscreen customization feature, users would be able to customize on the lock screen, like more weather info, app shortcuts, etc.

Wireless file transfer from PC to OnePlus and vice versa

This idea coins the thought of sending and receiving files from OnePlus phones to PC over WiFi.

Power Diet – Save up for a rainy day

Battery life is not one of the weak points of OnePlus phones. And if you are having a ‘drainy day’ then there is a battery saver mode inbuilt. However, OnePlus seems to have chosen the Power Diet feature. This would turn your phone into a monochrome dumb phone to extend the battery life. Not a fan of this feature personally, though.


Dark mode to be black instead of grey, or at least option for both

Dark Theme in OxygenOS 11 is grey and users want to have a completely black theme. Apparently, this feature suggests doing the same.

Partial Screenshot

This feature lets the users select an area of the screenshot instead of taking a complete screenshot. And then later cropping it.

Moreover, OnePlus has not revealed when these features would make their way to OxygenOS 11. Notably, we will have to wait for an official confirmation from OnePlus about the release dates.