OnePlus 9 Pro Design Revealed Months Ahead Of Launch

OnePlus 9 Pro design leak 4

The OnePlus 9 Pro design has just surfaced online, months ahead of the expected launch. This information comes from @OnLeaks, and has been posted on Voice. The source does mention that the phone is in the prototyping stage, but it’s quite likely the final product may look like this.

It is noted that the vast majority of the phone’s design is set in stone. Some small detail, mainly regarding the camera layout, may still change. So, this is basically what the phone will look like.

By the looks of it, OnePlus doesn’t intend on altering the design of the OnePlus 8 Pro all that much. The OnePlus 9 Pro does feature a different placement of the rear camera module, but the rest of it seems to be staying in place.


Its camera module will be located in the top-left corner, it won’t be centered. The power / lock button, and the alert slider are still on the right. The volume up and down buttons are placed on the left.

Leaked OnePlus 9 Pro design shows a device similar to the OnePlus 8 Pro

The phone will be made out of metal and glass, while it will still be curved both on the front and the back. OnePlus will stick to a curved display here, unlike on the OnePlus 9. The phone will also include a display camera hole in the top-left corner, just like on the OnePlus 8 series.

The device will include four cameras on the back, that much is for sure, says the source. Those cameras may be moved inside the camera module a bit, but there will be four in the end.

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The source also confirms that the OnePlus 9 series will arrive in March. Rumors have said that will have for a while now, and @OnLeaks now confirms it as well.

A 3.5mm headphone jack is not placed anywhere on the device, in case you’re wondering. The OnePlus logo is still on the back, along with the name of the company. This device seems to sport some sort of a gray color, and it looks quite nice in it.

Bezels on the phone are quite thin, based on these renders, those bezels will be about the same as on the OnePlus 8 Pro. Renders can be slightly deceiving, so we’ll see what the situation is once real-life images appear.