Latest OnePlus 8T Promo Video Is Very Odd & Doesn't Show The Device At All

OnePlus 8T odd promo video

OnePlus has released a new OnePlus 8T promo video, and that video is very, very odd. The company has released this 2-minute clip on YouTube, and it’s titled ‘Stop at Nothing’. The thing is, this video is shot on the OnePlus 8T 5G.

That being said, the phone hasn’t been shown in the video at all, not once. To make everything even weirder, the video itself is… well, odd. It’s starring Kalki Koechlin, a well-known actress.

The latest OnePlus 8T promo video uses spoken word poetry to get the message across

The actress is basically reciting various sentences in the video, and the whole thing sounds like a semi-rap type of thing. Many of you know this approach as “spoken word poetry”, actually. The video is trying to highlight the need to use technology more productively, and taking the time to disconnect.


The video has been produced by Lightstream, and it is kind of trippy. It does look quite nice, though. The OnePlus 8T can shoot video up to 4K at 60 FPS, in case you were wondering. You can even choose to shot in a cinematic 21:9 ratio, if you want.

It’s one way to promote a device, I guess, though it’s a bit odd the phone hasn’t been shown once in the video. At the very end of the video it is stated that the whole thing has been shot on the device, but the phone isn’t shown at all.

The device launched not long ago

The OnePlus 8T, as you all probably know, launched not long ago. The phone does bring a lot for the price, as we’ve been able to find out. We’ve reviewed the phone, and it’s actually quite great, in case you’re interested in getting it.

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This time around, OnePlus opted to release only one T series device, there’s no ‘Pro’ model. That being said, the company did announce two Nord-branded devices not long ago as well.

That being said, if you’re interested in checking out this odd promo video by OnePlus, feel free to do so, the video is embedded below the article.