Nokia N95 Reboot Looks Great With Android, Slide-Out Speakers & Kickstand

nokia n95 reboot

Nokia's history is something to dwell upon. I myself being a Nokia user for so long before Android and iOS took over, have always cherished my time with the Nokia N95.

Long before the era of Android and iOS came, Nokia was having a ball at the smartphone market. They were coming up with awkward and some innovative phones during the 2005-2007-ish era.

Nokia N-series is one of the iconic lineups of smartphones. And fortunately, I had the privilege of using almost all the N-series devices, starting right from the Nokia N70.


All phones were great, running on Symbian OS. But the most that stood out from the N-series was the Nokia N95. I remember the time whenever I took the phone out, everyone eyeing my phone.

The Nokia N95 came with a level of premium-ness none phone could provide. And just like Micheal Fisher of Mr.Mobile said in the video, "It was in many ways, the last of its kind."

It had a slider to unwrap the numeric keypad to continue with your conversation or slide down to unveil the media controls to simply control your media playback.

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But did you know that this iconic Nokia N95 was set for a reboot? Yes. Nokia was planning to launch a reboot of the Nokia N95 that too with Android OS, slide-out speakers, and a kickstand.

The Nokia N95 reboot took a modern approach to the original N95

Michael Fisher, fondly known as Mr.Mobile, in his YouTube channel, revisited the original Nokia N95. Mr.Mobile in the video then showed a prototype of a Nokia N95 reboot.

This phone had everything you would want from a modern Android phone with Nokia N95 DNA. The original 2007 phone provided a better media experience that could not be found on any other smartphone of that era.


The revised Nokia N95 was built with a different approach. It had a slide to the side, which housed a powerful set of speakers and front cameras with LED flash. This would provide a great media experience.

And to top that, it even had a kick-stand cleverly housed in the camera ring, which when flipped open acted like a kickstand. So, this Nokia N95 reboot was meant to be a media-powerhouse, just like the original.

Nokia N95 Reboot slide


Apparently, HMD Global was bringing the iconic Nokia N95 reboot to provide a great media experience on a smartphone. It could have been used as an alarm clock.

But the product did not make its way to the production houses and ultimately it was scrapped. Seeing the phone in acuteness disappoints us that such a competent phone could not make its way to the customer's hand.

On the flip side, there could be some worthy reasons for HMD Global to not take this forward. That is unknown, but it would be really cool if we could get a Nokia N95 reboot in the future.